Enterprise Digital Transformation


Neusoft provides differentiated, scenario-based, and intelligent products and services for large and medium-sized enterprises in many industries such as telecom, energy, finance, civil aviation, media and intelligent manufacturing, etc. We strive to facilitate enterprises in realizing a comprehensive digital transformation in all aspects, covering human resource, finance, assets, data, security and platforms, etc.

Since the beginning of our business, Neusoft has attached great importance to the independent research and development of software technology. We always stand at the forefront of industrial innovations with continuous and forward-looking R&D investment in new technological fields such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital twin, metaverse, V2X, 5G and edge computing.

Data-driven Business Innovation

Data Middle Platform

Neusoft’s Data Middle Platform creates a data-driven management system

Digital Twin

RealSight DT Digital Twin Scene Modeling Platform is an all-in-one 2D and 3D scene modeling tool based on the B/S architecture. It supports multiple file formats for models and automatic lightweighting of models

Integrated Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Platform

The Integrated Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Platform integrates IT, logs, and business operations to provide an all-in-one, whole chain monitoring solution

Software Empowers Digital Transformation

Group Financial Management and Control

Provides group enterprises with enriched intelligent and professional financial platforms

Human Capital Management

Manage complicated employment relationships and structural organizations

Archives Management

Integrated software solutions for archives informatization

Integration Leads Industry Development


Neusoft has been providing information-based application products and solutions for power grid, power generation, new energy, power trading, oil, gas, and the like since 1993


In terms of freight, Neusoft provides systems for air freight, air freight forwarding management, cabin stowage, and process monitoring and scheduling


Neusoft provides telecom operators with converged messaging, BOM-domain IT systems, security management systems, 5G application solutions, testing platforms and services, and system integration and services


Neusoft provides a series of high-quality and end-to-end business consulting, IT planning, software products, industry solutions, cloud and data services, etc.


Neusoft provides full-life-cycle hybrid publishing solutions for the news media industry


Neusoft facilitates more automated, efficient, accurate, controllable and visible production and manufacturing for factories through computer technology, microelectronics technology, and electrical means

Network Security

We are committed to becoming the world’s leading provider of cyber security products and services

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