Neusoft has been providing information-based application products and solutions for power grid, power generation, new energy, power trading, oil, gas, and the like since 1993. With deep insight into these industries and effective utilization of cloud, big data, IoT, mobile application, and intelligent technologies, Neusoft offers IT support and services for the processes of consulting, planning, system design, development, implementation, operation and maintenance management, etc., to facilitate the business management, decision making, and innovative development of clients in power energy sectors.

Power Grid

Provide advanced, comprehensive, standardized and mature products and solution clusters for power marketing, distribution network management.

  • Business processing platform for power marketing in power grid sector (CRM)
  • Decision support system for power marketing (DSS)
  • Real-time monitoring platform for power marketing business (IOSS)
  • Acquisition of power utilization information from consumers (AMI)
  • Basic data platform for electricity marketing (DS)
  • Remote real-time cost control system for electricity marketing
  • Intelligent anti-theft system for power marketing

Electricity Sales

Provide a complete set of products and solutions for companies selling and distributing electricity sales; Rich experience in serving the sectors of energy and public utilities; Based on relevant provincial policies and transaction rules as well as the development process of international mature electricity sales and trading markets.

  • Productized electricity sales software
  • Integrated energy acquisition platform

Distributed New Energy

Support software-based operation and monitoring management systems at station, regional, and headquarters levels through continuous cooperation with large-scale domestic new energy companies.

  • Photovoltaic operation and monitoring platform


Provide professional and comprehensive information-based solutions and products for refined oil and natural gas sales companies;
Boast the service capacities in information-based consulting, planning, design, development, deployment, implementation, operation and maintenance management, etc. as well as successful experience in completing the projects of large-scale central oil enterprises;
Help enterprises break down information barriers between businesses and quickly adapt to changes. Enable the enhanced perspective on operation and risk control, the refined and scientific enterprise management, and the efficient, safe, and stable operation management.

  • Business chain operation monitoring platform for oil sales
  • Decision support analysis system for oil sales
  • Internet payment management system for gas stations
  • Emergency command platform for oil sales companies
  • Inspection and maintenance management system for gas stations
  • Basic data management system for oil sales business
  • Gas stations’ capability in system integration construction
  • Capabilities of oil sales industry in operation, consulting and planning of businesses
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