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Neusoft AR HUD is a software product that integrates map navigation, intelligent driving, and information and entertainment data using multiple AR core algorithms and cutting-edge user experience design. It provides users with an immersive driving experience that is safer, more user-friendly, and smarter via a virtual-real synthesis.

The products can be highly customized, allowing flexible adaptation to various optical and mechanical hardware solutions. It comprehensively displays navigation, ADAS, vehicle information, and other relevant data in the real-world scenes and supports multiple operating systems such as QNX and Android, as well as different UI transitions across various platforms like in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), instrument, and Head-Up Displays (HUD).

Neusoft AR HUD provides a solution with software and hardware separation. The SDK product follows a service-oriented cross-platform design approach, allowing in-depth customization and empowering customers to develop their own software.

Currently, Neusoft has established close partnerships with several mainstream automakers, and multiple strategic models equipped with Neusoft AR HUD have been successfully produced and launched in the market.

Capabilities and Advantages

  • Neusoft AR HUD offers a professional scenario-based feature design that integrates navigation information, instrument/infotainment data, as well as AD/ADAS and travel service information for a more pleasant driving experience.
  • With an exceptional user experience design, the AR HUD employs algorithms to enhance the fitting of virtual and real-world elements and natural information prompts to ensure safe driving and seamless switching between guidance modes in diverse scenarios.
  • The software supports flexible deployment solutions across all types of optical devices and platforms. It can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Neusoft AR HUD holds multiple core AR algorithm patents and AR HUD software copyright (Certificate No.: Software Copyright Registration No. 7599417).
  • Neusoft is the only software enterprise in the core drafting team of the national standard Performance Requirements and Test Methods for Head-Up Display for Passenger Cars.

① The listed patents include:

Invention Patents
Vehicle Navigation Related Patents: Patent No. 20071015, etc.
Design Patents
User Interface Display Screen Panel Related: Patent No. JT202105022CN, etc.
Utility Model Patents
Car-Mounted Device Automation Control System: Patent No. JT202204038CN, etc.

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