Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA)

ISA (Intelligent Speed Assistance) is a mandatory safety regulation introduced by the European Union aimed at enhancing road safety.When the driver exceeds the speed limit, ISA will alert the driver with a prompt to avoid speeding accidents. ISA is also included in the evaluation criteria of the European New Car Assessment Programme (E-NCAP) and has become an essential feature to achieve a 5-star rating. Neusoft provides flexible solutions to enable ISA functionality and support ISA certification and E-NCAP 5-star ratings for vehicle manufacturers. The Neusoft ISA solution has been adopted by several vehicle manufacturers and is now in mass production and available on the market.

Capabilities and Advantages

  • The ISA-specialized map data can enhance the accuracy of a single vision-based plan in various special scenarios such as implicit road speed limits, adverse weather and lighting conditions, and differences in national regulations.
  • It provides a solution that supports both offline and online data usage and updates, catering to the practical needs of different types of vehicles.
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