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Software Defined Vehicles

In the future, the new vehicle electronic architecture will constitute the core of intelligent connected vehicles, and software and service capabilities will become the most important competitiveness in the automobile industry. Vehicles will be more closely integrated with software which will be gradually less coupled to hardware.
Border gateway
4G/5G access gateway, security access nodes of connected vehicles
Traditional control system
Steering, braking and other electronic control functions with high real-time requirements such as
Decision and perception system
Sensors, ADAS, autonomous driving AI and other applications with high requirements for performance.
Infotainment systems
Intelligent instruments, navigation, information, HMI, etc.
Central gateway
In-vehicle communication gateways with high bandwidth and multiple types (CAN, LIN, ETH, etc.)



NetEye Intelligent Connected Vehicles (ICV) Security Solution (S-Car)

NetEye Intelligent Connected Vehicles Security Solution (S-Car) is a comprehensive automotive information security product and service solution tailored for intelligent connected vehicles.

Intelligent Automotive Software Engineering Services

With over 30 years of experience serving numerous global leading clients, Neusoft provides fast, mature, and scalable delivery capabilities, as well as excellent product software engineering capabilities, to help customers achieve product innovation, optimize user experience, enhance core competitiveness, and support their business growth.

History of Innovation

Improved clients’ program efficiency
Business: Simulation tools Technology: System software development
Supplemented clients’ software development capabilities
Business: Development of car audio and navigation software Technology: Application software development
Enhanced the capabilities of developing large-scale software products
Business: Software development of car audio and navigation products Technology: Software engineering
Researched and developed innovative applications and key technologies
Business: Joint R&D of vehicle safety driving technology Technology: Artificial Intelligence
Jointly expanded the world's largest emerging market
Business: Combined development of automotive electronics markets Technology: In-vehicle infotainment solutions
Published a new-generation Android IVI platform
based on cloud services and contents
Independently researched and developed the intelligent cockpit system based on virtualization technology
Mass-produced and launched the intelligent cockpit system with China’s first self-developed domain controller (DMC) based on virtualization technology.
Enable the software defined future of automobility, and work together with partners to build a new intelligent connected ecosystem.
60+ In -Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)
systems sold to 60+ countries
of Top 30
Our IVI system serves 85% of the
Top 30 automotive brands in the
world, sold to 60+ countries
110+ 110+ patents, covering navigation
software, V2X, ADAS and IVI systems
4000+ Global navigation product R&D
networks are distributed in Germany,
China, Romania and the United States, with more than 4000 software engineers
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