Neusoft’s smart transportation solutions include public information platforms for logistics, ticketing, information exchange, information service, e-commerce and the like as well as mobile IoT applications, GIS, and GPS. They are widely used in many areas like aviation, water transport, highways, railways, urban traffic, and integrated transportation.

Urban Traffic Management and Services

Rely on front-end collecting devices and central-end video structuring analysis, accurate image recognition, and big data analysis to create accurate, stable, and expandable platforms and application systems.

Adopt systematic thinking, refined management, and sustainable improvement and integrate businesses, technologies, management, services and other factors to plan and execute urban traffic management and services as a whole.

Aviation Solutions

Provide the systems of air cargo, air freight forwarding management, cabin loading, process monitoring and dispatching, etc. for freight transportation, and the systems of air ticket co-sale, freight rate management, airport management, GDS, etc. for passenger transportation.

Port Logistics Management System

Provide ports with production and operation management platforms for bulk cargo logistics; Enable bulk cargo terminals and yards to plan, schedule, and organize work flow and productions, to monitor and control operating status in real time, and to track the entire processes of ship unloading, outbound and inbound transport by rail and motor carriers, as well as bulk cargo operations.

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