Provide all-round and centralized resource monitoring for data centers from the infrastructure layer to the business application layer, give flexible and diverse warning notices on specific events, and support the orchestration of visual operation process to enable the ensured rapid event response and fault self-recovery, the fully improved manageability and reliability of IT infrastructure and business systems, and the reduced operation management costs and failure risks.

Application scenarios

Unified Monitoring on IT Rooms

Provide multi-data centers with integrated IT supervision capabilities that enable the cyclical collection of the performance and status data of various equipment and applications, the rule-based detection of potential problems, and the timely warning notification of detected problems to administrators. Offer expandable plug-ins to connect new types of monitoring equipment. Boast rich experience and cases in application to large enterprises.

Automated IT Operations

Provide convenient, procedural and automated IT operation capabilities, like the automated inspection, batch configuration, security reinforcing, software installation, application upgrades, and fault self-recovery of hosts to avoid repeated manual operations and raise efficiency.

Application Advantages


Support the display of quantity and status statistics, core indicators, and warning information of all monitored resources on cool and dynamic large screens so that users can timely know the health status of resources. Transparency Support the custom statistics reports on performance, historical trends of indicators, TopN analysis on performance indicators, grouping statistics of resources and many other monitoring perspectives to help administrators manage resources from different dimensions..


Enable all-round, centralized and unified resource monitoring, timely identification of problems and warning notification to administrators, and unattended automated management.

Application Functions

Resource monitoring

Provide all-round and centralized resource monitoring for IT infrastructure, virtualized infrastructure, cloud platform, middleware and business system applications. Support risk analysis and operation status monitoring to enable the operation managers to quickly locate failure equipment.

Warning Notification

Support static threshold as well as dynamic threshold in some specific scenarios. Warning notification can be given through email, SMS, WeChat, and other means based on the expansion interfaces provided.

Multi-Dimensional Monitoring Display

Support the custom statistics reports on performance, historical trends of indicators, TopN analysis on performance indicators, grouping statistics of resources and many other monitoring perspectives. Provide custom dashboards to enable users to flexibly define the large monitoring screens.

Automated Operations

Enable the management on operation agent services, the distribution of specific task distribution, the automatic configuration and inspection with access to hosts or network equipment through agents or remote SSH. Enable the flexible orchestration of operation tasks through graphic processes.


SaCa Aclome OC Helps Burmese Operator with Intelligent Operations

Ooredoo, Myanmar’s third largest communication operator, has seen a sharply growing number of various network equipment resources with its rapid business development. Such massive equipment resources badly call for a centralized and efficient operation management platform. Accordingly, SaCa Aclome OC enables this operator to uniformly monitor various types of network equipment and to customize the R&D of business scenarios.

SaCa Aclome OC Facilitates Integrated Monitoring Operations of Jiangxi Mobile Data Center.

With the ever-expanding business scale, Jiangxi Mobile faces a variety of IT resources with complicated relationships and tens of thousands of devices. SaCa Aclome OC helps Jiangxi Mobile realize the efficient intelligent monitoring operations with decentralized collection, the automated inspection with reduced costs of daily operations, and the unified monitoring and early warning on IT resources, thus ensuring the stable business operations.

SaCa Aclome OC Enables Automatic Operations for Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission

All medical institutions under Hangzhou Health Commission possess massive front-end servers whose application upgrades still involve manual work, a large workload and a long period. For these medical institutions, SaCa Aclome OC offers unified monitoring on their hosts and automated operation management on their applications to enable standardized procedures, less risks, and higher efficiency in daily operations.

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