Cloud Native

Cloud Native

Neusoft's cloud-native solution helps enterprises achieve IT innovation, lower the barrier to cloud adoption, optimize IT architecture, improve use experience, reduce business risks, upgrade talent structure, and accelerate business innovation.

Centering on application, Neusoft empowers enterprises in modernizing their IT infrastructure.

Products and Applications

CNAP is an enterprise-level
integrated full-stack cloud-native platform.

CNAP assists enterprises in building an application-centric modernized IT infrastructure, provides a development framework for cloud-native applications, a container cloud platform based on Kubernetes, and helps enterprises rapidly build and maintain Kubernetes clusters on various heterogeneous infrastructures, such as public clouds, private clouds, virtualization, or physical machines. CNAP offers comprehensive capabilities including container management, DevOps toolchain, microservices governance, observability, and application management, realizing integrated management of cloud-native application development, operation and maintenance.

CNAP Build Platform

From the perspective of software development, it provides a general development framework and important dependencies required for application development in a hybrid multi-cloud computing environment.

CNAP Runtime Platform

From the perspective of software runtime, it provides service-oriented operation of applications in a cloud-native architecture, along with basic technical support, deployment, operation and maintenance.

CNAP Engineering Platform

From the perspective of software engineering efficiency, it provides lean and agile software engineering methods, domain-driven design (DDD) methods, DevSecOps methods, and toolchains.

Application Scenarios

The CNAP platform can be widely applied in various fields such as government affairs, healthcare, telecommunications, finance, and more to address enterprise-level IT architecture issues.

Build Cloud-Native Technology Foundation
To Empower Application Modernization

Based on the CNAP platform, enterprises can build container cloud platforms, delivering reliable Kubernetes runtime environments. The CNAP platform provides a development framework for cloud-native applications, enabling better integration with cloud-native technologies, thoroughly upgrading application architectures, and enhancing flexibility, resilience, and observability of applications. The CNAP platform makes applications more scalable and accelerates development speed, while also making applications lightweight, agile, and highly automated, speeding up enterprise application modernization.

Build Integrated R&D, Operation and Maintenance Platform
To Improve Engineering Efficiency

The CNAP platform helps users build integrated R&D, operation and maintenance platforms, automating various IT scenarios including R&D, testing, deployment, operation, and management. By leveraging the automation capabilities of the platform and tools, the platform seamlessly connects previous fragmented, manual, and isolated scenarios, bridging the entire IT process from research and development to operations through a visual interface. This assists users in enhancing their company's market responsiveness efficiency.

Open Field Service Capability
To Optimize Industry Ecosystem

Customers can use the CNAP platform to build industry-specific ecosystem cloud platforms, creating an "open, collaborative, and win-win" digital ecosystem platform with professional partners, establishing a new industry ecosystem. The CNAP platform helps enhance computing services, security capabilities, and multidimensional expansion capability in the ecosystem environment, facilitating deep collaboration with ecosystem partners. Customers, as platform owners, are responsible for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the platform. Customers' ecosystem partners, as platform users, build, operate, and manage applications and APIs on the platform, allowing the platform to aggregate more partners for sharing, contributing, and benefiting.

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