Professional Testing Service

Specific Business Domains

Actively meet the operational requirements in the upstream and downstream processes and provide satisfactory IT services for global clients in the covered business domains.

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Special Testing Support

Appropriately organize and apply testing methods and techniques after comprehensive analysis. Focus on a certain feature of a test object by mainly applying black box testing, flexibly using gray box testing, and partially adopting automated testing. Contribute more to practically implementing testing in agile development and to ensuring usability, reliability, interchangeability, etc. of test objects.

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Professional Technology Domain

IT technology is developing rapidly worldwide. While studying innovative technologies, we focus on clients and strive to acquire technologies the market needs to deeply enhance our engineering capabilities.

The lean engineer team composed of key employees from all business lines concentrates on investigating new technologies, new products and new standards to improve test service quality and business undertaking capabilities.

  • Specialize in business-based technology knowledge and skills in specific domains
  • Research in strategic core technology and methods
  • Help implement testing with better thinking modes, techniques and tools

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Testing Products

Provide automated testing products based on a set of universal and scalable automated testing framework and supporting customized test scripts and parameterized test data. Offer flexible and diverse intelligent assertions, practical and easy-to-read test reports, and graphical management tools. Present professional testing process management which can be used to operate testing activities and to manage the test processes throughout the life cycle. Enable the greatly reduced costs of test case maintenance and test result analysis and the improved script reusability and execution effectiveness, with successful experience in helping many companies implement test automation programs.

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Achievements & Advantages

Provide clients worldwide with full-life-cycle software development/testing services through the complete “Onsite + Nearshore + Offshore” delivery service pattern established based on the experience, achievements and advantages in industry, technology, engineering, talents and other aspects.

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