Digital Twin

Digital Twin A one-stop digital twin platform that combines data-driven, model-driven, and knowledge-driven approaches.

Building upon Internet of Things, data science, and knowledge graph platforms, the Neusoft One-Stop Digital Twin Platform is deeply integrated with New IT. It enables a complete and accurate perception of physical entities, precise construction of multi-dimensional and multi-scale scene models, seamless integration of all-elements, all-processes, and all-business data, on-demand utilization of intelligent, user-friendly, and personalized services, as well as comprehensive, dynamic, and real-time interactions.

VR Application Construction

3D Scene Building

Use RealSight DT product to import models and build three-dimensional scenes.

VR Development

Enable or disable VR and perform related operations using WebXRManager's public interface.


Simulate VR rendering and VR device control in the browser through plugins.

VR Experience

VR devices need to support browser access, go to the developed VR page in the browser, and enter the VR perspective.

Intelligent Agent and Discrete Event Simulation

Provide process model library, agent library, analysis library, and state machine for accurate and efficient simulation of the physical world's production and operation, validating design and planning, and optimizing business operations in real-time.

Application Scenarios

R&D and Design Phase

Digital twin laboratory, verifying performance, optimizing design.

Production and Manufacturing Phase

5G digital twin workshop, identifying bottleneck processes, shortening time for new product trials.

Operation and Maintenance Phase

Airport digital twin, optimizing flight support, enhancing safety, improving passenger experience.

Related Products

RealSight DT
Digital Twin Scene Modeling Platform

Support multiple model formats and automatic lightweighting, enabling animation and building 2D configuration and 3D scenes through drag-and-drop configuration, and achieving data visualization, simulation and VR applications.

SaCa RealRec
Data Science Platform

A one-stop machine learning and predictive analysis service platform based on big data distributed processing framework.


SaCa DeepCogni
Knowledge Services Platform

Utilize various technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence to mine commercial value from unstructured information, helping organizations quickly build knowledge processing capabilities from massive unstructured text.

RealSight IoT
IoT Intelligent Analytics Platform

The RealSight IoT IoT intelligent analytics platform utilizes big data technology to gain insights from massive heterogeneous data sources such as devices, environments, and business systems.

Features and Advantages

Support multiple data integration methods, real-time or scheduled integration with existing business system data, enabling quick understanding of production operation.

Independent and controllable technical system, facilitating integration with digital twin technology and products.

Distributed microservice architecture, supporting incremental node expansion to meet different data scale requirements.

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