Ubione Hospital Smart Service Solution

With a patient-centered approach, the Ubione Hospital Smart Service Solution aims to provide hospitals with an intelligent solution that covers the entire self-service treatment process. The goal is to achieve a smart service rating for hospitals through the implementation of advanced technologies and services.

Solution Features

  • Patient-centered
  • Based on smart service rating standards
  • Covering the entire process of outpatient and inpatient services
  • Online and offline service coordination

Solution Values

  • Assist in establishing level 2/3 smart service capabilities
  • Alleviate the challenges of "three longs (registration waiting time, testing time, outpatient fee collection time) and one short (diagnosis and treatment time)" in hospitals
  • Reduce labor costs for hospital services
  • Enhance the hospital's service brand image
  • Address the "digital divide" issue for elderly patients

Neusoft Smart Outpatient Solution

By integrating intelligent AI technology, this solution covers the entire process of outpatient services and provides proactive self-service for patients both online and offline, including pre-diagnosis, in-diagnosis, and post-diagnosis stages. By extending window services, it reduces labor costs, enhances patient service experience and satisfaction, and improves the quality and efficiency of medical services in hospitals.

Neusoft Smart Hospitalization Solution

By integrating IoT and intelligent AI technology, this solution creates a patient-centered integrated online and offline hospitalization service system. It covers the entire process of admission, in-treatment, and discharge, aiming to enhance the patient's hospitalization experience and satisfaction while improving the quality and efficiency of hospitalization medical services.

Neusoft Smart Audit Solution

The smart audit solution primarily targets individuals with chronic diseases, maternity insurance participants, and trauma identification. It utilizes self-service terminals, mobile apps, and mini-programs as entry points, starting from eligibility verification. Through information technology, it enables standardized and efficient declaration and review processes.

Neusoft Smart Ward Solution

The Neusoft smart ward solution integrates cutting-edge technology with medical operations, consisting of a three-in-one integrated solution of management software, intelligent devices, and computer network platforms. This solution focuses on patient clinical services, strengthens medical quality control, improves patient satisfaction, enhances personalized care, strengthens monitoring of medical processes, and prevents medical risks. It aims to improve medical efficiency and establish a patient-centered and refined ward management model that promotes a shift from terminal management to process management in quality management, providing high-quality nursing services and efficient ward management. It aims to better serve patients and provide healthcare services effectively.

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