Neusoft provides completed solutions, products and customized local services, enabling faster transformation and better customer experience for companies in the telecom industry.

Telecom Business & Operation Support System (BOSS)

BOSS comprises a universalized and customized business support platform for traditional and pan-telecom operators, the Business Support System, a system to solve data silos in telecom and provide basis for scientific decisions, the Operation Analysis System for Operators, and a system to present centralized solutions in information Navigation, the Integrated Management Platform for Information Navigation.

Business Support System (BSS)

BSS provides the core products including customer relationship management systems, general billing platforms, and e-commerce platforms, supporting telecom operators in marketing and customer services from all aspects.

Operation Analysis System for Operators

The Operation Analysis System provides enterprises with reliable basis for operation and decision-making through scientific analysis based on their historical business data; it can also reduce the burden on statements of production systems, remove data silos between production systems, and solve data inconsistency between multiple systems. This system serves as a core system and data warehouse center of an enterprise.

Integrated Service Platform

Neusoft Integrated Management Platform for Information Navigation is a key for operators to change into comprehensive information service providers under the full-service operating environment. The main businesses include the 7 subcategories of information operation, online transactions, industry information, communication assistants, voice communications, media and BPO, with rapid development in each segment.

IoT Management

IoT Management involves IoT connection management platform and IoT dedicated visualization platform; It provides IoT connection management services for the basic capability opening of physical and virtual operators and offers capabilities and services to build convenient, efficient and professional IoT visualized scenarios for businesses in IoT and its vertical industries.

Mobile Internet

Neusoft provides the mobile market with a variety of solutions covering mobile Internet, big data security awareness, cloud computing, intelligent networking, and mobile information. Through unceasing technological exploration and quick response to customer needs, we continuously upgrade our products and services.

Mobile Internet

Neusoft provides solutions and services based on business platforms and systems for telecom operators to enable their digital service transformation. The main platform-based products and systems include: Short message gateway series products, Internet integrated platform products, cloud measurement platform systems, online training systems, video customer service platform systems, judicial information delivery systems, and incubation cloud systems.

Big Data Security Awareness

Neusoft Big Data Security Awareness Solution involves a behavior recognition model built on the technologies like data storage, computing and retrieval to enable operators to deeply explore market demands in the increasingly complicated information environment. It ensures operators’ all-weather and all-round awareness in information security and assists them in effectively controlling information security risks in the mobile market.

Cloud Computing

Neusoft has been working on cloud computing and cooperated on R&D with China Mobile Research Institute since 2010. Neusoft’s CM Cloud Computing focuses on developing and integrating the cloud and resource pool management platforms. Neusoft provide IaaS and PaaS solutions as well as platform which supports services like BSS, network management, new services, and OA.

Intelligent Network Connected Products

Neusoft Intelligent Network Connection involves a user location insight model built on the technologies like analysis, mining, and real-time computing and identification of the massive network and business data transmitted between mobile phone users and operators’ base stations. This system not only enables operators to deeply explore market demands, but also facilitates urban planning, traffic forecasting, security early warning, smart travelling and a wide range of other sectors.

Industrial Lines of Mobile Informationization

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