Neusoft provides safe, reliable, high-quality, and expandable information-based solutions for environmental management. Based on objectives, demands, macro regulations and standard specifications, our solutions are integrated with IT infrastructure, operation and maintenance management, safety protections and other factors.

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Neusoft develops application-driven innovative solutions based on the existing information systems to facilitate the core business in environmental protection. These solutions enable the fully integrated data resources, improved service quality, and all-round informationization in businesses. In line with the overall requirements of policies and plans on environmental protection and e-government construction, Neusoft is committed to building a cloud-based resource integration system, a basic service platform, a data fusion center, a spatial data map, a business system account, a pollution supervision archive, and an information interaction channel to enable intelligent information-based environmental protection.

Products & Solutions

Gridding Monitoring Platforms for Environmental Big Data

Environmental Data Resource Center

Integrated Solutions to Environmental Monitoring

Integrated Solutions to Pollution Source Supervision

Integrated Solutions to Solid Waste Supervision

Integrated Management Solutions to Environmental Emergency

Cloud Service Platform for Environmental Reporting

A unified and smart basic sharing platform with data linkage;
An omnibearing work management platform with centralized reception, classified processing, information sharing and fast response;
A information collection center for public reporting, business processing center for environmental protection reporting, and intelligent big data decision center.

MCMI Cloud Service Platform for Chemical Industrial Parks

Integrate fragmented monitoring information from the existing monitoring systems in chemical industrial parks;
Solve the problems on online pollution monitoring in chemical industrial parks.

Integrated Solution to Vehicle exhaust

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