Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

According to Neusoft, the development of AI requires the integration of three key elements: algorithms, data, and application environments. Leveraging itsour own strengths, Neusoft has successfully applied AI in various sectors and has built an ecological graph of the AI market featuring "AI+Industry Applications".

Neusoft's Focuses in the AI Field

Text Knowledge Discovery
Visual Object Recognition
Including Video, Images, and Other Data Recognition
Structured Analysis of Machine Data to Assist in Manual Work
Recognition of Patterns in Manual Operating Behavior

Industrial Data Analysis Model

Products and Applications

SaCa NeuAI
AI Platform

A one-stop data mining and predictive analysis service platform that lowers the threshold for users to explore and analyze data, helping them uncover hidden relationships and patterns to maximize the value of data.



RealSight IoT
IoT Intelligent Analytics Platform

The RealSight IoT intelligent analytics platform utilizes big data technology to gain insights from massive heterogeneous data sources such as devices, environments, and business systems.



RealSight APM
Intelligent Application Operation and Maintenance Platform

Aim to solve enterprise application performance management issues. Across all layers and stacks, the product provides comprehensive supervision capabilities for both enterprise-level and internet applications.

AI Application Practices


Assisted Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Disease Prediction Models
  • Assisted Intelligent Recommendations
  • Identification of Rare Diseases
  • Identification of Diagnosis and Treatment Risks

Medical Analysis

  • Intelligent Data Modeling
  • Medical Knowledge Graphs
  • Medical Natural Language Data
  • Construction of Medical Data Sets

Image annotation

  • Automatic Lesion Detection
  • Automatic Lesion Segmentation
  • Automated Annotation

Intelligent VTE

  • Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prevention and Treatment

Biological Recognition

  • Face Authentication
  • Face Payment


Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperation

  • V2X-BOX
  • V2X Software Protocol Stack
  • V2X Protocol Conformance Testing System

Vehicle Data

  • Fault Prediction
  • Driver Profiling
  • Driving Behavior

Smart Airport

  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Real-Time Data Analysis
  • Situational Awareness and Process Control


  • Macro-Risk Monitoring
  • Institutional Risk Monitoring
  • Illegal Fundraising Monitoring
  • Financial Event Monitoring

Telecom Operators

  • Governance and Monitoring of Malicious Information
  • Identification of Harassing Scam Calls
  • Identification of Non-Compliant Websites


  • Intelligent Content Retrieval
  • Personalized Recommendations

Industrial Internet

  • Smart Power Plants
  • Smart Wind Power
  • Smart Oil Fields
  • Intelligent Refining


  • Intelligent Supervision of Prohibited Goods in Logistics Industry

Government Affairs

  • Intelligent Handling of Human Resources and Social Security Business
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Intelligent Personalized Push

Environmental Protection

  • Intelligent Supervision of Ecological Environment Grids


  • Environmental Monitoring and Early Warning Management
  • Aquaculture Management System
  • Fish Disease Expert Diagnosis System


  • Personalized Services
  • Intelligent Archiving
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