Neusoft C5 Vehicle Human-Computer Interaction Platform

Neusoft's latest achievement in intelligent development - the Neusoft C5 Vehicle Human-Computer Interaction Platform, is built on Neusoft's intelligent in-car software. It features a plug-and-play hardware design as the carrier, based on a flexible software and hardware architecture. This platform achieves multi-domain efficient integration, data-defined scenarios, comprehensive safety protection, and a renewed user experience, offering a full-stack intelligent interaction solution with multi-dimensional decoupling upgrades. It empowers automotive manufacturers to achieve high-value chain expansion, efficient product updates, and the creation of a highly engaged community.

Capabilities and Advantages

  • Flexible Hardware Configuration: Utilizes modular, reconfigurable, and pluggable hardware interfaces, allowing the platform's computing power to scale flexibly. The functionality and user experience can be customized as per specific needs.
  • Efficient Cross-Domain Integration: Adopts high-reusability and high-integration design philosophies, facilitating collaboration among various domains, such as in-vehicle Ethernet gateway, vehicle body control, and cabin systems.
  • Multi-Dimensional Decoupling Upgrades: Achieves intelligent decoupling of hardware, ecosystem, and operating systems, enabling clear and independent functional boundaries and product experiences with high efficiency, strong compatibility, and upgradability.
  • Data-Defined Scenarios: Incorporates a proprietary Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) software framework and a fusion of cloud and edge domains based on AI algorithms, creating an intelligent engine that drives scenario-derived features. This continuous adaptation caters to personalized travel needs and fine-tuned operations for automotive manufacturers.
  • Comprehensive Safety Protection: Complies with automotive-grade standards for design and development, covering an all-around information security framework across cloud, channels, and terminals, ensuring the security of user data and the entire vehicle system.
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