Enable unified management and security control on the mobile resources connected to your enterprise information system and provide MDM (mobile device management), MAM (mobile application management), MCM (mobile document management), MEM (mobile email management), etc. for smart terminals to streamline mobile management and ensure information security. Create a more secure, more convenient, and freely accessible management environment for corporate mobile businesses.

Application scenarios

Centralized Equipment Management

Rely on EMM to create professional mobile platforms with diversified remote configurations and centralized device management so that enterprises can cope with the potential uncontrollable terminal management, a risk posed by the deepening mobility and the unified equipment procurement by many modern IT departments.

Mobile Office Management

Isolate personal and enterprise applications and streamline management processes for mobile devices to solve employees’ problems in shifting among various mobile devices including personal ones to handle work.

Mobile Security Control

Fully consider the mobile security system to enable the security isolation of mobile data, the accurate protection of mobile applications, and compliance control of mobile devices, for data security is always the core concern in enterprise mobile construction.

Mobile Portal Construction

Aggregate various mobile applications to meet the popular needs for mobile working. has become a popular way of working. EMM becomes a preferred choice for enterprises to streamline IT and improve efficiency.

Application Advantages

Full-Cycle Multi-Level Mobile Management

Provide a unified platform to supervise intelligent terminals and applications and to monitor equipment operation and security status in real time. Offer leading and in-depth management and control capabilities and convenient management models to cut your corporate management costs.

Flexible and Rich Configurations and Strategies

Provide standardized open interfaces and flexible expansion configuration capabilities to enable easy integration with the existing businesses and operation management systems. Utilize the flexible strategy engine to easily meet diverse management needs.

Multi-dimensional flawless security protection

Provide multi-dimensional data security protection measures for terminals, work areas, and applications. Able to lock devices or work areas and delete applications and data once detecting any high risk of mobile terminals.

Comprehensive intelligent analysis on mobile information

Provide terminals and applications with diversified and refined analyses on device violations, geographical distribution of mobile device users, application usage and the like to support managers’ decision-making.

Application Functions

Mobile Device Management

Support the full-life-cycle intelligent management on mobile devices, applications and other assets, the real-time control on dynamic development of mobile assets, and the issuance of remote control orders to enable high controllability of mobile assets, and less corporate management costs.

Mobile Security Policy

Automatically execute security measures once detecting any abnormal risk. The flexible control strategy can detect all device violations.

Mobile Application Portal

Enable the centralized management on multiple-type enterprise applications based on Android and iOS platforms and ensure the security of enterprise mobile applications.

Visual Warning and Analysis

Provide visual statistical analysis services with different perspectives to enable the overall control on resource usage, warning information, equipment distribution, application dynamics, etc. and the clear presentation of classified warning on violation events.


Some Provincial People's Hospital

Maximize the role of mobile working by creating a management platform which enables IT administrators of the hospital to get an overall control on the usage of all equipment. Provide the hospital with streamlined management processes and improved work efficiency, and effective protection of sensitive data and patient privacy. Lay a solid foundation for the hospital’s follow-up construction of the mobile information platform.

Some Financial Institution

Actively collect the whitelists involving the installation and usage of applications related to the business call histories and recordings between customer service staff and users: restrict the applications to be installed and used by users to prevent the leakage of user information from illegal applications; restrict the use of such functions as may leak user information to protect mobile data security for the enterprise’s construction of the mobile financial platform.

Some Vocational School

Provide a set of total solution integrated with equipment management, application management, and security control by centering on the unified management on student equipment, restricting the use of terminal capabilities, safely monitoring equipment usage to fully create a secure and controllable smart campus.

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