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Neusoft SEAS, one of earliest Chinese brand in archives informatization, offers numerous products for the corporate archives, the archives bureaus, the archives centers, the archives of government agencies, the content producers within companies, and the security and secrecy demanders to meet the business needs in government reform, construction of smart cities and other sectors. Targeted for business scenarios in the full life cycle of documents, Neusoft SEAS provides integrated software solutions like the generation, capture, custody and utilization, handover, long-term preservation and utilization of files, the archive destruction, the integration with government administration, and the integration with internal systems of enterprises and archives.

SEAS Intelligence

Provide efficient and synergetic file-life-cycle file management and innovative knowledge-based services for group enterprises with complicated and multiple fonds. Help these enterprises build a safe, reliable, and integrated archive platform, convert archive resources into knowledge, provide mobile knowledge services, and put archives management standards to fully into effect. Enhance corporate core competitiveness in archive application. Create value for corporate development through the knowledge converted from archives.

  • More comprehensive and solider functions: in line with construction guidelines for corporate archives
  • More intelligent business management: linked to the existing systems of OA, finance, HR, supply chain, etc
  • More synergetic archival work: collectivizing thinking adopted to design a strong system to delegate and centralize power for the maximum safe utilization

SEAS Smart

A safe and reliable lowest-cost archives management system integrating standardized system design, processized archive management, and light and simple operation and meeting the relevant national management standards. Provide all-round practice guidance and set an example for government agencies, small and medium-sized enterprises, and public institutions in standardized archives management.

  • Full conformity to construction guidelines for corporate archives
  • Lower learning cost for clients
  • Easy to operate and learn

SEAS Digital

A complete solution to digital archives. Use the IT system capacity to support archives construction for compliance with the construction guidelines and relevant national standards and specifications for digital archives. Adopt Big Data, AI, user experience upgrading and other technologies to solve the problems in the library services, the application of library resources in people’s livelihood, and the digital visualization from a new perspective.

  • Integrated archives management with overall planning and services in place
  • Safe and credible digital archives under domestic environment
  • Digital synergy enabling connection with government service systems; “separated administration of archives centers and bureaus”, with focus on data transmission through different agencies
  • Archive resource utilization with potential archive services for people’s livelihood
  • Archive data visualization that enables real-time data insight and data services

SEAS Content

A set of system to connect the documents or assets generated in all the business processes and to finally form knowledge graphs. Contain the capacities of data connection, data acquisition, data intelligent modeling for knowledge graphs, and active push to users for utilization and analysis. An effective tool for enterprises to manage the assets of knowledge and contents.

  • Platform-based: connect the files scattered in personal computers and generated in business systems for centralized management
  • Mobilized: provide the capacity of mobile query, browse, and knowledge utilization; easy to operation; available anytime and anywhere
  • Intelligentized: automatically extract themes and classify files to save labor cost and facilitate file management

SEAS Express

An isolated archives management system running in local environment for organs, small-scale enterprises or other clients with high security requirements. Offer secret keys and other means to better ensure archive security. Equipped with all installation environments required to enable quicker delivery, securer data protection, and simpler function guidance.

  • UKey identity authentication guaranteeing data security
  • Simple functions
  • Flexible data acquisition suitable for all environments


A safer document management system that passes the evaluation from the National Administration of State Secrets Protection.

  • Complete application security
  • Flexible data structure definition
  • Efficient collection and utilization

SEAS Mobile

Rely on mobile information technology to enable mobile, active, interactive, and personalized archives applications. Allow users to retrieve, browse, and borrow files anytime and anywhere. Expand the utilization service channels to give full play to the value of archives.

SEAS Check

A pure client-side tool based on the scenario of image quality control in archives. Enable users to control the final quality of digital achievements. Exactly check the testing results of archive catalogue, file pages, file formats, and image resolutions with the output of clear and rich reports.

SEAS Appraisal

Support the archive opening review under network isolation. Enable data import, batch linkage, and development authentication.

SEAS Transfer

Automatically and manually test the authenticity, integrity, validity and security of archive data packages in filing, handover and long-term storage strictly according to the national specifications on data handover and packaging. Run as a tool at the client side to ensure the independent operation, the timely testing, the compliance with requirements mentioned above, and the standardized archives management.

  • Support testing for various archives: easy switch between dossiers and documents
  • Connect the metadata standard of archives: accurate compliance with the requirements of archive handover
  • Ever-improving automatic testing: larger scope of automatic testing than manual testing

SEAS Compile

Collect, screen, and process archive files by topics after intensive content study to convert these files into compiling results in different forms and to meet the needs for utilization.

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