Enterprise Aaftersales Service Platform

After-sales services often require a certain processing period and the participation from customers, information receivers, service workers in multiple roles, managers, etc. After-sales services also involve many processing links, such as repair requests from customers, information receiving and task assignments by receptionists, standardized task processing by maintainers who may encounter the situations like service switch and repeated maintenance, and callbacks made by receptionists after maintenance. All these cause enterprise management to reflect on how to shorten the service distance and track the real-time information on service process.

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Enterprise E-commerce Platform

E-commerce refers to the activity of electronically buying or selling products or providing relevant services over the Internet, intranets and value-added networks. E-commerce electronizes all links of traditional business activities and allows them to be conducted online. Neusoft eMALL is a multi-user e-commerce platform built based on the B2B2C model. It features merchant (supplier) settling, separation of buyers and sellers, platform operation management and self-operated stores, helping companies create a comprehensive e-commerce system integrated with member buyers, shop sellers, and the platform management center.

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