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Products and Applications

SaCa EchoTrust
Blockchain Application Platform

It is an alliance chain product with independent intellectual property rights, featuring tamper-proof and traceable transactions, high performance, high security, high reliability, and ease of use.

Blockchain Cross-Chain Service Platform
SaCa EchoTrust Cross

Ensure secure and trusted data flow between multiple homogeneous or heterogeneous alliance chains.

Blockchain Resource Sharing Platform
SaCa EchoTrust DS

Provide on-chain resource application and authorization, off-chain encrypted data transmission to realize trusted data sharing and transfer both on-chain and off-chain.

Blockchain Privacy Computing Platform
SaCa EchoTrust Privacy

Use federated learning to achieve joint modeling of cross-institutional data sets and multi-party secure computing to achieve private intersection of cross-institutional data sets, ensuring that data is usable but invisible.

Blockchain Digital Identity Platform
SaCa EchoTrust ID

Based on blockchain, it is a distributed identity and verifiable credential management platform that provides trusted identity identification and information interaction for users, credential providers, and credential users.

IoT-Blockchain Collaboration System
SaCa EchoTrust BoT

A platform that enables trusted access of IoT devices and secure sharing of IoT data.

Application Scenarios

Government - Government Services

Build a governmental data sharing and approval system based on blockchain technology that facilitates the collaboration and processing of administrative tasks across different departments and regions, thereby fostering mutual trust and enabling efficient coordination among government agencies, bureaus, and offices, promoting collaborative business processing, and providing convenient government services experience.

Government - Financial Services

The use of blockchain technology facilitates the joint maintenance and utilization of credit data among various financial service entities and enterprises, reduces financial service risks, and improves efficiency.

Government - Trusted Certification

Ensure secure storage and joint maintenance of judicial and archival certification information, and improve business collaboration efficiency by enabling detection of certification content modifications and traceability of transfers.

Government - Fund Supervision

By storing regulatory information throughout the process on the blockchain, real-time synchronization, traceability, and tamper prevention of regulatory information can be achieved, promoting innovation in regulatory mechanisms and advancing modernization of government governance capabilities.

Healthcare - Pharmaceutical Traceability

Store key traceability information generated in the production and circulation of pharmaceuticals on the blockchain, achieving traceable origins, verifiable destinations, and accountability, providing intuitive and reliable regulatory means.

Healthcare - Data Sharing

By combining blockchain technology with privacy computing technology, ownership and shared information about data can be tamper-proof. Data authorization and usage can be traced, making medical data sharing more secure and transparent.

Finance - Supply Chain Finance

Construct a trust foundation for the industrial chain using blockchain technology to realize secure data exchange without privacy leakage within the industrial chain. Solve the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises through in-depth regulatory oversight by funders, focusing on transmitting credit from the core enterprise to the upstream and downstream enterprises.

Finance - Insurance Claims

Construct a consortium chain involving members, insurance companies, evaluation institutions, and payment institutions, enabling full-process information on claims, including application, evaluation, and payment, to be recorded on the blockchain to prevent insurance fraud and improve claims efficiency.

Production and Distribution - Supply Chain/Traceability

Store product characteristics and circulation information in the blockchain to prevent data tampering. Form a complete chain of evidence for products in the supply chain and traceability, truly achieving "one item, one code." Based on tamper-proof and transparent product circulation information, all participants can have real-time visibility into the product flow process, and regulatory authorities can conduct real-time and accurate supervision.

Others - IoT

Run the entire process of IoT device authentication, authorization, verification, connection, and interaction on the blockchain to ensure secure monitoring of off-chain data. This solves security problems caused by the openness of IoT and ensures device data security and privacy protection.

Others - Digital Identity

Realize management of distributed digital identity and verifiable credentials based on blockchain technology, providing trusted identity identification and information interaction for users, credential providers, and credential users, promoting cross-department and cross-system identity authentication and data cooperation.

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