Ubione Intelligent Self-Service Terminal

The Ubione Intelligent Interconnected product series is a range of cross-domain and easily scalable intelligent interconnected products launched by Neusoft Corporation, leveraging its years of industry solutions and mobile terminal software development experience. These products combine the advantages of hardware and software integration.

The products, with hardware as the carrier and software as the core, are defined by software. Through the integration of industry innovation and business, the products achieve the integration and unification of business and information flow, thereby assisting in the construction of smart hospitals.

The products adhere to customer-oriented principles and are characterized by forward-thinking, expansiveness, advancement, and practicality. By integrating intelligence, AI + healthcare, and through software technology innovation, the construction of new business models, and the integration of internal and external resources, a range of new technology and application-based intelligent interconnected terminal products based on emerging techniques such as 5G and AI are introduced, aiming to create a patient-centered quality healthcare service experience. With advanced, reliable, open, user-friendly, and secure standards, our products have been widely applied to and served various industries such as healthcare, finance, and tourism, as well as enterprises and institutions. Currently, the products have covered 28 provinces in China, 700+ hospitals, including 200+ level A tertiary hospitals.

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