Committed to providing one-stop solutions to corporate application performance management. Enable omnidirectional and full-stack monitoring capabilities for enterprise applications and Internet ones. Discover potential problems and risks in advance and change the risk handling mode from the traditional passive response into active defense to protect enterprises from the losses caused by application performance problems. Assist enterprises in cutting application performance management costs and accelerating digital transformation.


Full-link monitoring

Enable the full integration of monitoring data from the client side, the network, the server-side and the database, and base the panoramic monitoring views on multiple actual O&M scenarios covering common O&M problems to help accurately locate performance bottlenecks.

Self-service monitoring

Utilize the easy-to-use and flexible self-service dashboards to simply display the monitoring data from the client side, the network, the server side and the database in diagrams and other forms by time, resources, alarms and other dimensions, to enable simplified daily O&M, and to facilitate the rapid discovery of potential risks.

Health checkup for applications

Use the real browsers nationwide to simulate users’ request connection, to test the overall performance of accessing applications nationwide, and to analyze the loading and rendering performance of web pages. Generate performance bottleneck solutions based on the analyses and expert knowledge bases.


Simplified O&M management

Simplify the analysis on massive monitoring index data, indicate application performance with aggregation indexes, and convert massive basic indexes into easy-to-understand aggregation ones indicating application health status, to avoid manual screening of massive data and to enable the simplified alarm strategies and the improved management efficiency.

Active defense against risks

Change the risk and alarm handling mode from the passive response to the active discovery and prevention. Analyze and predict the potential problems and risks under the given expected load conditions to enable enterprises’ advance discovery of risks as well as reduced economic losses caused by the problems in application stability and performance.

Application capacity planning

Predict the performance and load change trends of applications to find their resource configuration problems in advance, to fix their under- and over-provisioning of resources, and to help O&M staff find the optimal resource configuration plan with higher resource utilization and less costs.

Risk source analysis

Analyze application performance anomalies more automatically and intelligently and generate detailed diagnostic analysis reports for specified time periods, to help rapidly troubleshoot and locate root problems and to liberate O&M staff from the complicated analysis on massive operation data.


Panoramic views

Automatically detect and discover the application topology, clients’ business operation processes and code execution links, and perceive potential risks in real time and notify relevant responsible persons of them.

Customized monitoring

Enable the self-service and real-time extraction of monitoring data, the self-defined views of visual monitoring dashboards and the customized setting of jump relationships between dashboards. Make massive operation data easier to understand and risk monitoring more timely and more intuitive. 

Application risk scanning

Rely on the one-click trigger to fully scan the health status of Web applications, to timely discover the connection interruption, operation errors, slow page loading, and other problems caused by networks, code defects, and operating environments, and generate the analysis and optimization guidance reports.


Guangzhou TV Station

RealSight APM has assisted the client in abandoning the traditional, complicated and inefficient O&M concept that centers on networks, resources and equipment and building a centralized and integrated agile O&M management platform with the core of cloud applications. This product enables the intelligent O&M functions such as the omni-directional, multi-level, and three-dimensional monitoring on user experience and cloud application performance, the location and analysis of root problems, and the detection of potential problems.

BMW China

Guaranteeing good user experience is the highest goal of application performance management. RealSight APM monitors the aggregation index-Application Performance Index (APDEX) in real time to help BMW control user experience changes. Focusing on user experience guarantee, this product tracks the key indexes like the client’s real-time and historical online status, the request response time, and the abnormal status of requests, to achieve more efficient agile management.   

Mengniu Dairy

RealSight APM has customized an intelligent O&M system with the core of applications for the client. This system contains a performance analysis, management, and monitoring platform built from the perspective of interfaces. Through analyzing the various index data collected during the operation of the interface system, RealSight APM changes the interface and application O&M methods, improves O&M efficiency, and constantly optimize the newly added interfaces and application systems, to guarantee user experience. 

JD, Neusoft and Intel Jointly Building Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Cloud for HaiMa(former Hainan Mazda)

Intelligent interconnection is currently regarded as an important development direction of the auto industry in China, and in-vehicle intelligent applications are set to be at the cutting edge of R&D for new models. In order to enhance product competitiveness, Haima has built an intelligent and connected vehicle cloud to support the production of the new-generation vehicles.

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