Teaching and Learning Service System

Neusoft Ruiyun is an intelligent teaching and learning service system developed based on Neusoft’s 20 years of understanding to IT industrial practices and of insights into China’s educational practices and with the advanced technologies such as Big Data analysis, AI intelligent recommendation, and intelligent engine push , the joint evaluation from multiple national-level senior educational and teaching evaluation experts as well as educational measurement experts from Beijing Normal University and East China Normal University, and the all-out participation from excellent national-level first-line primary and middle school teachers.

Since Neusoft Ruiyun was launched in 2014, relevant companies or service teams have been successively set up in Henan, Hubei, Jilin, Liaoning, Tibet, Shanxi, Guizhou, Shandong, Sichuan, Hebei, Guangdong and other regions to provide high-quality localized services based on the practical conditions of these regions.

Product Features

Enable students’ better academic achievements and aided decision in course selection, raise schools’ teaching standards and regional teaching quality, and lead profound changes in talent training at the K12 stage.

Main Functions

Neusoft Ruiyun Intelligent Cloud Scoring System

  • Neusoft Ruiyun Intelligent Cloud Scoring Platform
  • Exam services
  • Organization of joint exams

Neusoft Ruiyun Evaluation Service System

  • Academic evaluation reports
  • Accurate analysis services
  • Test paper quality analysis
  • Regional quality monitoring

Neusoft Ruiyun Total Solution to New College Entrance Exams

  • Career planning
  • Analysis on course selection results in New College Entrance Exams
  • Aid in college application

Information-based Teaching Services

  • Neusoft Ruiyun online classroom
  • Accurate Micro-Lesson
  • Class scheduling system
  • Big Data teaching auxiliaries
  • Personalized weekly exercises and homework system
  • Error book

Typical Clients

  • Liaoning Provincial Elementary Education Quality Monitoring Center
  • Education Department of Tibet Autonomous Region
  • Teaching and Research Office of Education Department of Qinghai Province
  • Shenyang Institute of Education
  • Wuhan Academy of Educational Science
  • Kaifeng Education Bureau
  • Changchun Teaching and Research Office
  • Dalian Academy of Education
  • Xining Teaching and Research Office
  • Pingdingshan Education Bureau
  • Jianghan Education Bureau of Wuhan City
  • No. 1 Senior Middle School of Shangcai County
  • No.1 Senior Middle School of Xiangcheng City
  • No.1 Middle School of Hong’an, Hubei Province
  • No. 19 Middle School of Wuhan City
  • Jilin Yuwen Middle School
  • Shanghai Shixi Middle School
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