NAGIVI Global IVI Software Product

NAGIVI is Neusoft's global In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) software product, designed to be a universal platform catering to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Tier 1 suppliers worldwide. It covers 100% of the Global IVI functionalities, meeting the performance and security requirements of Global OEMs.

With a cross-hardware platform design, NAGIVI supports mainstream System-on-Chips (SoCs) such as Qualcomm, MTK, and TI, making it compatible with various hardware configurations. At the same time, NAGIVI supports a wide range of digital tuner solutions, multiple connectivity options and types of traffic information solutions. The highly flexible software integration allows for customization to meet specific customer requirements and deliver a high-quality interactive experience to users.

Capabilities and Advantages

  • With HTML5-based HMI FW, the platform provides a high-quality interactive experience for users
  • With Global Navigation Core, it satisfies customized needs for navigation
  • It fulfills Global Digital Tuner Solutions (FM/AM/RDS/DAB/DRM/HD/Sirius/DTV)
  • It has integrated Nuance VR/TTS Engine and provides global voice interaction capabilities
  • With Neusoft Automotives MediaHub 2.0 Media Player, it offers diverse user experiences
  • It provides independent DGL solution
  • It provides wired and wireless smartphone connectivity solutions: Carplay, AndroidAuto, SDL, Carlife, and Hicar
  • It offers traffic information solutions: Navicon, ETC, VICS, and TMC
  • Container-based solutions support third-party Android applications
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