The "intelligentization" of Neusoft's intelligent venue represents a development trend where venues seek improvements by introducing various smart elements. This requires the informatization construction of the venue to build “intelligentized” application scenarios while possessing corresponding capabilities of sensing, analysis, transmission, action, and support.

The integration of advanced technology with the business of the science and technology venue creates innovative business scenarios. On one hand, it changes the mode of audience services in the venue and improves the quality of cultural dissemination and science popularization education. On the other hand, it elevates the level of informatized application in operation and management processes, promoting digitized management and intelligentized management.

Neusoft's intelligent venue solutions leverage 5G, IoT, Bluetooth, and Internet technologies to establish a unified bottom network within the venue. This network connects the information channels of infrastructure and exhibits to enable intelligent management and control of the venue. The unified network facilitates data exchange and allows for the integration of AI and knowledge graphs into science popularization education. This enhances the quality of science popularization education and fosters the ecosystem of science popularization, ultimately achieving the goal of widespread dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Neusoft's intelligent venue solutions are designed with practical “intelligentized” business application scenarios. It creates the “eyes”, “brain”, “nervous system”, “muscles” and “skeleton” of the intelligent venue through the establishment of “one database, one network, six platforms, and four systems”, which revolves around three main themes, namely, improvements of audience services, internal management, and science popularization effects. This approach provides overall intelligent venue solutions.

Neusoft's intelligent venue solutions include multiple systems such as the infrastructure support platform, operation management platform, collaborative office platform, audience service platform, big data analysis platform, digital science and technology museums, and data center repository. By providing an integrated solution that covers everything from operation management of science and technology museums to audience services, it offers a comprehensive plan for the "intelligentization" of science and technology museums.

Intelligent Venue Ticketing System

The intelligent venue ticketing system is designed to address typical issues in current ticket management and visitor flow management in science and technology venues. It offers two ticketing methods: online reservations and on-site purchases, along with various ticket validation methods such as ID cards, QR codes, and facial recognition. The system optimizes visitor flow management with the objectives of minimal operational costs and optimal convenience and efficiency, effectively meeting the ticketing needs of science and technology museums. Utilizing sensor technology, image recognition, and wireless transmission technologies, this system creates a secure and intelligent ticketing solution. Not only does it streamline venue management but also gives visitors novel experience, elevating the image of the science and technology museums.

Science Popularization Activity System of Intelligent Venue

Science popularization activities, as an extension of exhibitions and education provided by science and technology museums, play a significant role in fully leveraging the value of the venue and are considered one of the major activities by modern science and technology museums. The science popularization activity system offers activities, competitions, and courses, blending diverse contents across multiple channels with the participatory and interactive experience of offline activities, and finally creates a comprehensive system that meets the needs of science education, dissemination, communication, and application.

Intelligent Venue Guide System

The intelligent venue guide system provides visitors with in-house navigation and guidance functionality, featuring smartphone and large-screen visual navigation, as well as the exhibit guide and introduction. The system facilitates knowledge exploration for visitors through interactions and integrates real-time presentation of the exhibition hall popularity through visitor traffic data.

By utilizing Bluetooth beacons, indoor maps, and other technologies, the system marks the locations of facilities within science and technology museums. It enables visitors to find facilities and plan their visit routes and offers re-planning for route deviation, floor switching, starting location display, 720-degree panoramic view, and accurate and multi-dimensional navigation services.

Exhibit Management System of Intelligent Venue

The physical exhibit management system enables unified classification, management, statistics, and maintenance reporting of all physical exhibits within the science and technology museum. It customizes exhibit business processes for the museum, with handy, simple, and user-friendly backend configuration. It allows the assignment of different operational permissions to different staff members.

Science Popularization Resource Management System of Intelligent Venue

The system tags and processes science popularization resources within the science and technology museum through knowledge classification and scientific literacy labeling. It provides unified storage and management of various formats of science popularization resources, achieving centralized management of science popularization resources within the museum.

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