Neusoft provides a dream stage for gifted talents with definite career goals. By continuously maintaining great importance to the development of each employee, we have developed a diversified corporate culture that encourages each and every employee to improve and grow with the company. We respect talents, and have always managed to help talents strive to be better. This is our employee philosophy at Neusoft.

We are, sincerely, looking forward to having you join us! We will truly make this happen by providing competitive compensation packages, exposure to modern, highly effective work practices and various training programs.

Neusoft Life

We are always on the lookout for passionate and engaging talents with high potential

Passionate: Achievement-oriented, energetic, optimistic, and self-motivated
Engaging: Goal-oriented, attentive to details, team player, and customer-first attitude
High potential: Smart, creative, and able to learn quickly & deliver promptly.

Net-shaped Career Development Path

Neusoft provides a net-shaped career development path for employee’s continuous development and constantly promotes it through a variety of related programs, such as; Position Capability Management, Employee Skill Improvement Plan, Training Programs, E-Learning, Internal Transfer System, Key Staff Development Plan, Key Position Succession Plan, and a Leadership Development Plan.

Induction Education

Neusoft new employee behavior training model is designed to develop five key behaviors for new employees through guidance and motivation to achieve three core goals.

New Employee Mentor System

The mentor system and new employee development mentoring system, is a new hire program that helps newcomers to blend in, communicate effectively, and learn efficiently.
Each new employee is assigned to a mentor on his/her first day at Neusoft. On one hand, this helps create a favorable environment for new employee’s personal growth and career development as mentors give them practical instruction and support in their understanding, adaptation, and learning in the company. On the other hand, mentors are given chances to improve their management practices, as they themselves are also learning to become future leaders.

Growing Compensation Packages

Neusoft provides growing compensation packages for all employees, thereby ensuring that their income rises with their contributions to the company and by also offering special welfare, systematic training and good career development opportunities. Welfare benefits include on-the-job learning programs, annuities, special holidays, annual vacations, physical examinations, marriage gifts, etc.

GOS Working Environment

Following a Garden Office Sports (GOS) working environment, Neusoft has built the company property into a park. In this park, you can go and play sports on the football court, basketball field, badminton court, tennis court, or employee club; you may even exercise right in the office area, where table tennis, billiards, running machine, etc. are set up. In the office, there are recreational facilities, and an area where you can enjoy free beverages.

Employee Assistant Program

In 2006, Neusoft introduced the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), one that has also been implemented by 90% of the Fortune 500, offering more care for the mental health of employees by curbing occupational stress in order to ensure that employees maintain happiness while creating value for society. Neusoft considers its employees to be its most valuable fortune and their health and development is the foundation of the company’s future development. The health and development plan implemented by Neusoft includes Health Education, Psychology Consultancy, Team Development Training, Sports Activities, etc..,

Positive, Communicative Environment: “Trust, Respect, Recognition”

Neusoft has set up a CEO mailbox for employees and provides opportunities for regular dialogues between its employees and CEO every year, which enables employees to have their views communicated to the top management with a feedback mechanism.

“Have you been praised for your work excellence over the last two weeks?”

Similar questions are just repertoire settings in each year’s employee survey. Offering trust, respect, motivation, training, and development to employees is part of leadership appraisal and evaluations. Employees will also participate in the management evaluations by anonymous surveys. The results will in part determine a managers’ annual overall performance appraisals.

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