Neusoft T-BOX

In the field of intelligent automotive communication, Neusoft takes the lead in product design based on automotive-grade standards. It developed T-BOX for new energy vehicles and passenger vehicles, and engaged in the compilation of the GB/T32960 standard.

During the process of product research and development for the global market, Neusoft's T-BOX has gone through five generations of iterations (2G BOX/traditional 4G BOX/overseas 4G TBOX/smart antenna/5G (V2X) BOX). It has collaborated with more than 20 renowned global automotive manufacturers for over 100 vehicle models.

Leveraging the characteristics of 5G, such as high speed, high bandwidth, and low latency, Neusoft integrated its independently developed V2X protocol stack (VeTalk) and became the first to develop and launch the 5G V2X BOX, which combines C-V2X, Gigabit Ethernet, high-precision positioning, and other functionalities. This filled the gap in the domestic and international 5G markets. The 5G V2X BOX supports 16 application scenarios of the V2X national standard, ensuring driving safety and enhancing traffic efficiency.

Capabilities and Advantages

  • It has attained the 5G SRRC certification and A-SPICE CL3 certification by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • The 5G BOX supports research and development based on three major mainstream platforms
  • It supports integrated ETC functionality
  • It integrates an independently developed V2X protocol stack, providing customized services for V2X use scenarios
  • It supports high-precision positioning and Dead Reckoning services
  • It focuses on V2X, Security, FOTA, remote control, remote diagnosis, Bluetooth key, and Ethernet communication
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