Neusoft Intelligent Cockpit Domain Controller

In line with the trend of "personification" development, the Intelligent Cockpit Domain Controller developed by Neusoft adopts advanced domestic and international vehicle-grade chips such as Qualcomm, SiEngine, and SemiDrive. Based on advanced software and hardware architecture design, it ensures leading intelligent cockpit computing power and configuration, achieving comprehensive upgrades in entertainment, safety, functionality, and hardware. It is dedicated to creating an intelligent interaction center within the cockpit.

Based on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and utilizing independently developed SOA middleware, the Neusoft Intelligent Cockpit Domain Controller integrates modular design and perfectly combines with the Qualcomm 3rd generation platform 8155, becoming the first to achieve product platformization. It entered mass production in 2022 and has been successively installed in various vehicle models such as Great Wall, Hengchi, Chery, and Hongqi. Neusoft is currently developing an intelligent cockpit domain controller based on the Qualcomm 4th generation platform 8295, which is expected to be mass-produced and launched in 2023.

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