Big Data

Big Data

Neusoft comprehends the value of data from industry and societal operations. By seamlessly integrating it with other data, rules, ethics, and business models, the Company employs innovative thinking beyond technology to explore the potential of data and utilizes it as a driving force to integrate information technology and business.

Full Lifecycle Data Value Extraction Process

Big Data Drives Business Innovation

Customer Profiling and Precision Marketing

Big data drives marketing, cost control, product and service innovation, management and decision-making innovation, and business model innovation.

Sentiment Analysis and Public Opinion Analysis

By analyzing content from BBS, blogs, and microblogs, the government, enterprises, and individuals understand the current public opinion and societal views on certain matters.

Social Analysis

Analyze discussions and shared shopping experiences on social networks to discover changes in unemployment rates and economic development.

Social Network Analysis

Telecommunications and media industries utilize social network analysis to analyze customer communication data and microblog connections, identify "influencers", and conduct spread influence analysis, circle identification, and key member analysis.

Data Middle Platform

Neusoft's data middle platform encompasses data collection, data fusion, data governance, data sharing, data analysis, and asset control to create a complete business assetization process for clients. By leveraging the value of data assets, it accelerates business empowerment and innovation for organizations.

Core Technical Capabilities

Professional Talent Capability

Business Expert Team

Responsible for defining business scenarios, determining the relationship between data assets and business scenarios, prioritizing business scenarios, and providing business guidance and support for data middle platform development.

Data Engineering Team

Responsible for the construction and operation of the data middle platform, including data collection, ETL, sharing, as well as ensuring the performance and stability of the data middle platform. Utilizes platform tools for data collection, storage, processing, and handling.

Data Governance Team

Responsible for defining data standards, formulating data security and privacy regulations, and addressing data quality and security issues through data governance tools based on business scenarios.

Data Analysis Team

Responsible for analyzing data value, exploring business scenarios, and producing more specific and high-value data services. Focuses on the construction and iteration of the organization's data asset catalog.

Intelligent Algorithm Team

Responsible for providing intelligent and algorithmic tools for data analysis, application design, and business exploration. Primarily focus on providing technical capabilities.

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