Neusoft's NetEye Intelligent Connected Vehicles (ICV) Security Solution (S-Car)

Product Profile

Neusoft's NetEye Intelligent Connected Vehicles Security Solution (S-Car) is a comprehensive automotive information security product and service solution tailored for intelligent connected vehicles. It includes vehicle terminal security, connected vehicle secure transmission, OTA remote upgrades, in-vehicle firewall, security management platform, in-car security chips, secure virtual car keys, and security operation and maintenance, providing an all-around integrated solution for automotive information security.

Application Value

The S-Car solution by Neusoft’s NetEye leverages over twenty years of technical expertise in automotive electronics and network security. It ensures information security throughout the “cloud-channel-terminal” lifecycle, establishing a trusted security platform for connected vehicles and safeguarding the journey of Internet-connected cars.

Product Highlights

Security Protection for In-Vehicle Terminal Software

The solution offers security protection for the in-vehicle terminal software system with hardware support for the enhanced overall security of the system. By controlling abnormal network behavior, the solution isolates malicious virus programs, ensuring the security of data and applications on the in-vehicle terminal system.

Security Guarantee for OTA Remote Upgrade

By rapidly fixing defects in the in-vehicle terminal business system, the solution improves the software management efficiency for connected vehicles, achieves quick iterations and enhances user experience through the upgraded terminal business system, effectively avoiding vehicle recall incidents.

In-Car Firewall for Secure Network Isolation

The boundary firewall is set up to ensure the secure isolation and detection control of the entire vehicle's external network. It can be configured with firewall protection strategies based on specific requirements. Additionally, the domain firewall guarantees secure isolation and detection control within the domain controller's internal network.

CAN Network Intrusion Detection and Security Protection of Defense System

The CAN intrusion detection and defense system ensures effective protection of the car's CAN network and supports CAN/CANFD protocols. It can be configured with engine detection strategies according to different vehicle models' DBC matrices. The system also has features like anomaly detection and reporting and effective interception of illegal commands.

Real-Time Monitoring and Emergency Response by SMP Security Management Platform

The SMP security management platform system, developed based on big data and artificial intelligence technology, enables real-time monitoring of vehicle operation status and provides emergency response services. It utilizes data probes for log analysis, generates security reports, and prevents the spread and outbreak of automotive information security incidents.

Application Scenarios

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