Neusoft’s technology innovation solutions effectively integrate technology information resources, unify business standards and operation procedures, and improve technology innovation information management for higher efficiency in terms of collaboration among various business units and administration and better management models.
By virtue of Internet+ technology, the solutions enable online application and evaluation, enhancing the quality of service provided by technology management departments for enterprise technology information.

Product List

Technology Project Management

Technology project management involves the whole process management of technology projects, including application, approval, evaluation, project initiation, reporting, and completion. It provides real-time monitoring of the status of technology projects at various stages. The template-based form management and intelligent form-filling functions greatly improve the efficiency of project forms and reduce the complexity of filling out forms.
Through flexible parameter configuration and efficient retrieval mechanisms, it improves the efficiency of backend administrators, reducing their need for frequent changes to project configurations.

Expert Database System

The system adopts a mechanism where each department independently reports and centrally reviews expert information, ensuring unified management of expert data. It utilizes real-name registration and regular verification mechanisms to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of expert resources. The system also supports expert evaluations in various areas, such as technology projects and science and technology awards.
With a precise expert selection mechanism and implementation of real-name registration, the expert evaluation system can offer authoritative reviews and recommendations for technology project management. The system can conduct expert evaluations for planned projects, science and technology awards, platform carriers, project completion reports, and offline projects. Meanwhile, the real-time monitoring of expert evaluation progress allows for full process management of the evaluation procedure.

Science and Technology Awards

The system provides users with award business services and management. It enables functionalities such as application, evaluation, and management of projects participating in the evaluation of awards in science and technology at various levels and in different industries. It also offers structured digital resource management for science and technology award business-related data, creating a complete digital resource chain to achieve full lifecycle management of science and technology award business.

Decision Support

Utilizing data analysis and mining of relevant business data such as science and technology projects, expert evaluations, and science and technology reports, the comprehensive science and technology innovation platform establishes databases for projects, enterprises, talents, and experts. Based on the characteristics of these databases, features such as enterprise and personnel profiling, project similarity queries, knowledge discovery and acquisition from the science and technology resource database, intelligent reporting, and dashboards are developed. Throughout the process of science and technology project management and decision-making, the system provides decision-makers with data support, enabling faster, more accurate, and more efficient decision-making.

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