Provide all-round monitoring operation, resource delivery, service catalog, accounting management and other functions for hybrid cloud, cross-cloud, and multi-cloud environments. Utilize the self-service portal to enable the unified operation management on various resources and services under public and private clouds with on-demand delivery.

Application scenarios

Cloud Management Platform

Support unified operation management under multiple cloud environments. Allow tenants to apply for cloud services through the self-service portal and administrators to approve service applications based on business needs, with services automatically created and distributed by the system. The combination of the self-service portal and the unified operation platform enables the streamlined service access process, the reduced operating costs, and the improved business efficiency.

Devops Support

Strongly support microservices applications and DevOps by providing continuous integration, delivery, deployment, Pipeline management for the full links of operations to ensure rapid and high-quality software release and to facilitate enterprises’ Devops transformation. Also provide such practical functions as unified log collection and retrieval and application topology to facilitate daily operations.

Practical Training Cloud Platform

Provide students with one-stop visualized practical training environments by packaging and deploying experimental environments and manuals with the fully integrated container and virtualization technologies. Support domestic colleges in training new practical big data talents by providing emerging professional course systems which include complete environment management for teaching and practical training and Big Data and are supplemented by scientific methodology of talent training.

Application Advantages

Easy Management

Provide unified supervising capacities targeted for hardware resources, software solutions as well as multi-cloud environments like private and public clouds. Enable users to manage multiple hosts, virtual machines, and cloud applications through one interface with greatly streamlined process.

Flexible Configuration

Enable rapid solution deployments and automated application configuration and upgrades based on automated configuration changes. Define application load balancing strategies to enable business systems to rapidly respond to the ever-changing operational loads.

Security and Reliability

Provide access only to the authorized and authenticated users. Utilize virtual VLAN technology to isolate networks between different users and provide elastic block storage services to physically isolate tenants’ resources.

Application Functions

Heterogeneous Virtualization

Support virtualization platforms of almost all industries with shielded heterogeneity and simplified control operations. Enable centralized supervision capabilities, effective integration of hardware resources, and high-performance data centers.

Self-Service Portal

Allow tenants to apply for cloud services through the self-service portal and administrators to approve service applications based on business needs, with services automatically created and distributed by the system.Container PaaS platform Provide container-based PaaS platform that supports release, management and monitoring of applications. Highly support DevOps through such functions as application orchestration and deployment, CI/CD integration.

Enterprise-level Application Stores

Develop exclusive enterprise-level application stores through the resource-based orchestration of graphical designers and the custom enterprise applications based on virtual hosts, Docker containers, public clouds, and external services.


SaCa Aclome BC Assists Quanzhou Shuzi Yungu with Integrated Cloud Management

Launch a private cloud management platform based on the company’s usage scenarios and conduct unified management for two heterogeneous data centers of the company; enable automatic resource billing with detailed and traceable data in expense reports; allow users to carry out self-service resource operations; plan resource domains to help the company easily view resource operations.

Hunan Mobile Builds Unified Management Platform for Multi-Cloud Resources

China Mobile Group Hunan Co., Ltd. owns two data centers located in the western areas and Sifangping of Changsha. These data centers possess hundreds of physical servers that adopt VMware Huawei FusionCompute for virtualization. For these heterogeneous data centers, SaCa Aclome BC provides the unified management, the fast delivery and self-service management of resources, and the multi-dimensional analysis reports that display the health degree and resource operating status.

Neusoft Teaching and Practical Training Cloud Launched in in Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine

Based on its “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine urgently calls for a Big Data course system to enable its ubiquitous teaching model of “traditional classroom learning +online case training”. Neusoft Teaching and Practical Training Cloud Platform has significantly facilitated this school in developing Big Data courses and training, enabling it to conveniently launch other IT courses in the future.

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