Social Responsibility

Respect Staff
Observe Law and Discipline
Serve Customers
Respect Partners
Devote to Charitable Activities

Neusoft believes that respecting employees' personalities and providing them with an open, fair, and just work environment is the most fundamental precondition of developing staff. Neusoft, against any form of employment discrimination, actively provides employees with a safe, clean, comfortable and non-interfering work environment with compensation and benefits suited to local consumption. Neusoft actualizes the common progress of the staff's and the company by helping employees to promote personal abilities and professional competitiveness.

Neusoft strictly obeys all trade and local laws, abides by domestic and foreign laws and international conventions, and opposes corruption with integrity, and requires its staff to observe laws and disciplines.

The concept of “Innovative technology and services, creating value for customers and society,” in a global market, means Neusoft wins its customers' trust by providing excellent products and dedicated service, continuously promoting the clients' satisfaction, and becoming partners of our customers.

Neusoft respects the laws and regulations, political systems, religious beliefs and customs in the countries and regions of our partners. We pay equivalent remuneration for our partners' products and services, share appropriate information with our partners and safeguard the trade secrets of our partners.

Neusoft shows respect to its shareholders at home and abroad, ensures that all the assets entrusted to Neusoft are not subject to loss, damage or abuse, so that Neusoft can return shareholders the utmost advantage for the purpose of making profits and gains.

As Neusoft quickly realizes its self-development, it also pays constant attention to and engages in the development of social charity. Neusoft is involved in all kinds of welfare activities, encourages staff participation, and promotes peace and harmony worldwide.

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