Neusoft"Client Contact Center"Services

Neusoft creates “super employees” for your company with years of experience in operations management, rich multilingual customer service talents, and industry-leading AI products. Neusoft solutions can largely cut your company’s costs in customer service operations and labors and raise service efficiency, user satisfaction, and your company’s competitiveness in the digital era.

  • Optimized customer experience and higher user loyalty
  • Intelligent customer service technology that enables higher service quality and lean digital operation
  • Promoted transformation of customer contact centers from “cost-centered ones” to “profit-centered ones”

Relevant Qualifications

  • ISO9001: Quality Management System Certification
  • ISO14001: Environmental Management System Certification
  • OHSAS18001: Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification
  • ISO27001: Information Security Management System Certification
  • ISO20000: IT Service Management System Certification
  • PIPA: Personal Information Protection Certification

Neusoft’s Services

Neusoft Customer Contact Center boasts mature capabilities to set up, operate and manage call centers through the highly reliable voice network and AVAYA voice platform as well as 6Sigma, COPC and other international industry standards and methodologies.

Typical Cases

IT industry - Customer Service and Technical Support Center for antivirus products

Pharmaceutical industry - Doctor Care services for a global top 10 pharmaceutical company

Typical Clients

  • A certain Global 500 information security solution provider
  • A certain Global 500 biopharmaceutical company
  • A certain international e-commerce platform
  • A certain global electrical and electronic engineering enterprise.
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