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Neusoft boasts a mature and complete outsourcing service management system and provides various forms of on-demand outsourcing services with organizational guarantee, to support clients’ consulting, technology R&D, human resources, and legal and financial affairs. We have been continuously offering excellent tech outsourcing services to Japanese financial institutions for years. With the philosophy of internationally integrated operation, we integrate the refined and standardized management system applied in Japanese outsourcing services into the global outsourcing businesses. 

Outsourcing Service Supply in Various Forms

Human Resource Supply Services

Provide human resources outsourcing services based on roles or skills to meet clients’ volatile demands on system developers and maintainers or supplementary demands on labor with some special business knowledge or skills. Offer on-demand human resource supply modes, including management specifications in service levels, responses to demands on technical skills, personnel selection and assessment, coordinated communication, workload confirmation, payment, etc.

Outsourcing Services for Deliverable Projects

Provide outsourcing services for deliverable projects to meet clients’ established procurement demands containing delivery responsibilities. Allow outsourced personnel with business knowledge and technical skills to take the know-how required for project delivery to the project and to bear business and technical risks under clients’ unified and organizational IT plan.

Continuous Quantitative Outsourcing Services

Provide continuous quantitative outsourcing services to meet clients’ needs for sustained upgrading and maintenance for their business systems. Integrate the role-based or skill-based human resource outsourcing service model with the full-life-cycle outsourcing service model for delivery projects. Allocate outsourcing human resources according to clients’ development priorities, demand maturity and fixed workload procurement within a certain period.

Cloud-based Outsourcing Services

Provide the rentable public cloud for the financial sector and cloud hosting for application systems in line with Neusoft’s cloud service strategy. Enable more effective IT investment and less administrative costs for on-site outsourcing services. Solve the problem of shortage in local human resource supply, offshore synchronization, etc.

Special Cloud Services

Neusoft Test Cloud enables cloud-based testing process management and automated testing. Neusoft Crowdsourcing Cloud offers clients crowdsourcing platforms for their demand innovation, availability testing, and introduction of innovative businesses. Clients can consult with us on jointly building other special cloud services.

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