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Neusoft Corporation (SSE: 600718), an industry-leading information technology, products and solutions company for global market, is committed to promoting industrial innovation and digital transformation. Founded in 1991, Neusoft is the first listed software company in China. With insights into the latest market trends, Neusoft has always been exploring software technology innovation and applications, to help global customers achieve digital and intelligent development. Our business focuses on the fields of intelligent vehicle connectivity, smart city, healthcare, enterprise digital transformation, as well as international software services.

In the field of intelligent vehicle connectivity, Neusoft and Neusoft Reach, as the key partners of global OEMs & Tier1s in the era of Software Defined Vehicle (SDV), are committed to providing products, solutions and services in key areas including next-generation automotive basic software platform, vehicle operating system, intelligent cockpit, ADAS/ADS, EV powertrain system, vehicle-cloud platform, intelligent communication, information security and big data, etc. to empower the transformation of automobile industry. Neusoft has more than 30 years of R&D experience in automotive software, and has participated in formulating over 60 national/international industry standards and established a global product R&D and delivery network centered in China, Germany, USA, Japan and Malaysia, with 6,000 talents in this area worldwide. Neusoft automotive products have been applied to 220+ vehicle models, across 100+ countries and regions, for 50+ OEMs.

In the field of smart city, Neusoft empowers the development of smart city and innovation of digital economy, keeps promoting the deep integration of IT technology and urban development, to drive the construction of new data-centered smart cities. By now, Neusoft has participated in developing smart applications for more than 200 cities, supporting the database management for China’s 1.4 billion population, providing social insurance services for over 700 million people, while ensuring the management and operation of RMB 3 trillion pension in China.

In the field of healthcare, Neusoft and the innovative companies we invested empower the healthcare technology and business innovation through deep integration between medical healthcare and IT technologies, covering healthcare informatization, medical insurance, medical big data & intelligence, medical IoT & 5G, medical equipment, cloud hospital, elderly care and healthcare services, etc. Neusoft healthcare business covers 31 provincial-level administrative regions in China, supporting the IT operation of more than 500 Grade-A tertiary hospitals, 2,800 medical institutions, and over 50,000 primary medical and health institutions. Neusoft offers data service of medical care for 700 million population as well as 80 million insured units, with leading market share in this sector. Neusoft launched the first CT in China, exporting medical equipments to more than 110 countries and regions in the world. Meanwhile, Neusoft owns the largest cloud hospital network in China.

In the field of enterprise digital transformation, with more than 30 years of experience and technology accumulation, Neusoft has integrated software with services / manufacturing / various industries, to provide differentiated and scenario-based intelligent products and services for large enterprises from different industries, growing into a trusted partner for enterprises in digital transformation.

In the field of international software services, with outstanding product software engineering capabilities and focusing on customer value, Neusoft combines insights from multi-industries with three-decade extensive delivery experience, to accelerate customers’ product innovation, empower their digital transformation, helping them achieve business growth.

Neusoft has more than 18,000 employees worldwide, with a marketing and service network covering nearly 100 cities in China and subsidiaries in Japan, Europe, the United States, etc.  Neusoft has been awarded the honor of PwC Global 100 Software Leaders, Top 20 Most Globally Competitive Chinese Companies by Roland Berger, Top 50 Chinese Global Challengers by Boston Consulting Group, the Best Employer in China and the Best Employer in APAC by Aon Hewitt, etc.

In the future, Neusoft will be empowering our customers and society through more agile and innovative technologies, transforming our future life and world through more intelligent products & solutions.

Neusoft’s Development History

Neusoft came into existence and established a joint venture with Alpine to cooperate on automotive electronics.
Neusoft combined software and manufacturing, entering the medical equipment market.
Neusoft became China’s first listed software company. Neusoft integrated software with applications and services to enter the industry solution market on a large scale.
Neusoft successively established its branches in the United States and Japan.
Neusoft was rated as a CMMI level 5 software enterprise.
Neusoft Europe was established. Neusoft Group went public as a whole, committing itself to becoming a globally excellent IT solution and service provider.
Neusoft Xikang engaging in health management business came into existence.
Neusoft Medical and Neusoft Xikang introduced strategic investors to accelerate the business development in the healthcare sector.
Neusoft Reach was established to promote the intelligent, Internet-based and new-energy-based layout of automotive electronics business.
Neusoft Intelligent Medical Research Institute was established.
Neusoft Reach and Denso Group (China) jointly funded the establishment of Reach Denso (Dalian) Electric System Co., Ltd.
Neusoft Hifly Medical Technology Co., Ltd. came into existence.
Neusoft celebrated its 30th anniversary.
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