Ubione Mobile Hospital Solution

The Ubione Mobile Hospital Solution by Neusoft Corporation is a smart software service product that focuses on providing convenient, beneficial, and upgraded medical services. It establishes a WeChat official account and mini-program for hospitals, allowing patients to extend various medical services beyond the hospital through their smartphones. Patients can inquire, operate, track, and provide feedback in real-time, offering them a comprehensive mobile healthcare service platform. Additionally, it can integrate daily hospital management and upgrading services, realizing closed-loop management from pre-diagnosis to in-diagnosis to post-diagnosis. It promotes online appointment registration, online payment, clinic settlement, access to laboratory test reports, access to health records, inpatient services, and intelligent linkage for mobile healthcare services.

Product Advantages

Product Features

Basic Services

Outpatient Services Registration, Appointment Registration, Outpatient Recharge, Payment, Nucleic Acid Payment, Outpatient Check-in, Code Scanning Payment, Cancellation, Refund, Electronic Invoice
Inpatient Services Inpatient Deposit Recharge, Inpatient Deposit Query, Inpatient Statement Query
Report Services Laboratory Test Report, Diagnostic Report
Query Services Registration Record Query, Appointment Record Query, Recharge Record Query, Payment Record Query
Hospital Information Hospital Introduction, Department Introduction, Expert Introduction, Transport Instructions
Other Services Homepage Announcements, Rolling Messages on Homepage, Registration Page Announcements, Medical Insurance Policies, Message Notifications after Business Operations, Satisfaction Evaluation, In-Hospital Navigation
Personal Center Patient Management, Card Binding, My Follows
Payment WeChat Pay

Value-added Services

Inpatient Services Admission Registration, Discharge Settlement, Inpatient Deposit, Daily Statement Query, Inpatient Meal Ordering
Medical Examination Services Package Purchase, Examination Appointment, Medical Examination Report, Medical Examination Order
Electronic Health Card Integrated Electronic Health Card Services
Payment WeChat Medical Insurance, Third-party Payment Channels

Upgraded Services

Value-added Services Surgical Progress, Electronic Accompany Card, Online Meal Ordering, Medical Record Services
Intelligent Services My Medical Care, Medical Guidance, Visit Assistant, Intelligent Guided Referral, Intelligent Pre-consultation, Intelligent Q&A



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