Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Cooperation

Neusoft's vehicle-to-everything (V2X) cooperation solution is based on V2X communication technology, providing a one-stop solution for vehicle manufacturers, tier-one suppliers, operators, and the intelligent transportation industry. It includes V2X BOX, V2X software protocol stack, SDK (Software Development Kit), protocol comformance test, simulation platform, and V2X Server. Currently, Neusoft's V2X series products have been widely used in major domestic automakers, intelligent connected vehicle demonstration areas, and key transportation enterprises.

Neusoft's V2X vehicle-to-everything cooperation has obtained multiple invention patents①, encompassing routing algorithms, precise time synchronization algorithms, danger warning algorithms, and network processing enhancement. The company has been deeply involved in the formulation of 23 V2X application layer standards in China, drafted 9 technical specifications and whitepapers; it has formed strategic partnerships with companies like Autotalks, Morningcore, National Innovation Center of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles, and CCID, forming an ecosystem with more than 30 partners and participating in over 20 industry alliances, and covering the entire intelligent connected vehicle industry chain.

Application Scenarios for Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Cooperation

Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

When the vehicle is traveling on a lane and receives periodic information from surrounding vehicles and it attempts to change lanes while there is a possibility of collision with a distant vehicle on the adjacent lane, a warning will be issued to the driver of the host vehicle.

Intersection Collision Warning

As the vehicle approaches an intersection and receives information from distant vehicles that are about to pass through the intersection, the vehicle will evaluate the possibility of collision with these vehicles and sends a warning to its driver.

Blind Spot Warning

When the vehicle is traveling at a constant speed or accelerating on a lane, the FCW system will issue a warning to the driver if there is a risk of rear-end collision with a distant vehicle in the same lane. This algorithm is suitable for warning about the risk of rear-end collisions on regular roads or highways.

Speed Guidance Based on Traffic Signal State

When the vehicle approaches a traffic signal at an intersection, it can receive specialized signal information and local map data from roadside equipment. The vehicle can then determine the state of the traffic signal and, through system algorithms, advise the driver on the optimal speed to smoothly pass through the traffic signal.

Neusoft's V2X Product Line

Neusoft's Automotive-grade Software Protocol Stack (VeTalk)

As the first domestically applied V2X protocol stack product for mass production, Neusoft's automotive-grade software protocol stack incorporates unique core algorithms and offers lower network latency, network jitter, and resource consumption, providing higher message delivery rates and warning accuracy. It demonstrates strong versatility and specialization and has been fully adapted to mainstream communication modules at home and abroad. The professionalism of Neusoft's automotive-grade software protocol stack has earned industry-wide acclaim.

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Neusoft Super Cloud Control Platform

The Neusoft Super Cloud Control Platform is built to meet the demands of the next-generation connected vehicle industry. It establishes a multi-level computing platform for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) cooperation, manages V2X networked access devices, and integrates high-precision positioning maps and security authentication platforms, which provides a full-stack V2X cooperation service for smart highways and smart city roads.

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CNeusoft V2X Testing Product Series (VeTest)

During the construction of the“vehicle-road-cloud” collaborative system, Neusoft's V2X testing products meet the testing and certification requirements of V2X cooperative products. The various testing systems can provide corresponding standard test cases for intelligent onboard units, intelligent roadside units, and MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing), ensuring interconnectivity and functional performance verification. The V2X testing product family includes the following: V2X protocol conformance testing system, data consistency system, MEC protocol conformance testing system, application scenario functional testing system (HIL testing), and V2X communication performance testing system.

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Neusoft C-V2X Intelligent Terminals

Neusoft's C-V2X intelligent in-vehicle terminals and intelligent roadside terminals are widely used in China's vehicle-to-everything (V2X) cooperation demonstration zone projects and other V2X cooperation initiatives. These products serve as essential units for customers to quickly construct V2X cooperative systems in compliance with V2X standards.

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Why choose Neusoft V2X?

Testing capability

Neusoft has been deeply involved in the field of Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) testing for many years and can provide the demonstration area with a complete cycle of testing services. This includes the protocol consistency testing system for the entrance phase, which ensures the interoperability of Roadside Units (RSU) and On-Board Units (OBU) devices deployed in the demonstration area. For the operational phase, there is a V2X security verification system that monitors the compliance and legality of data from roadside and on-board devices using technical means. This system also performs analysis and decision-making, as well as tracing accountability. Additionally, there is a communication performance testing system tailored for application scenarios that can provide application testing solutions and services for the demonstration area.

Terminal capability

The platform possesses OBU and RSU terminal devices of stable quality, along with V2X software protocol stacks that have achieved mass production-level compliance with automotive standards. Furthermore, the on-board and roadside products have already achieved the collaborative application scenarios of the second phase of the national standard. This enhances traffic efficiency, reduces accidents, enriches transportation services, and improves the advanced and leading nature of the demonstration area.

Cloud capability

With a deeper understanding of V2X business, Neusoft has designed and implemented the collaboration and division of labor between the cloud and terminal for innovative smart road applications and the new applications of the second phase of the national standard. Functionally, the platform is equipped with the V2X security verification system, smart pedestrian crosswalk passage, and more, supporting the operation and distinctive services of the pilot area.

Standard formulation capability

Neusoft has actively participated in the formulation of national, industry, and group standards for V2X. We have been involved in the formulation of a total of 23 standards, covering essential standards such as network layers, message layers, security layers, technical specifications for various layers, testing, application scenarios, and handling of exceptional behaviors.

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