Neusoft Global Navigation OneCoreGo®

Neusoft's latest release of OneCoreGo® 3.0 incorporates high-precision map rendering, accurate positioning algorithms, virtual and real-world registration technology, big data processing and analysis, and multiple ecosystem cloud services to achieve diverse innovative functionalities.

  • Lane-Level Navigation: Based on in-house lane-level positioning algorithms and high-precision map rendering technology, route planning and guidance are detailed to the lane level.It accurately identifies road attributes, dynamically perceives changes in road conditions, cleverly avoids congestion, and provides intelligent lane change suggestions in real-time.
  • AR Navigation: Leveraging intelligent image recognition technology, it seamlessly matches guided routes and ADAS information with real-world road scenes. Multi-screen compatible, it provides intuitive guidance without the need to look down. Panoramic perception recognizes landmarks, greatly enhancing travel efficiency and safety.
  • AI Navigation: Utilizing massive data analysis and processing technology, AI navigation dynamically identifies user behavior patterns, offering personalized destination prediction and travel planning. Continuous expansion of ecosystem integration capabilities, intelligently matching car owners with the resources they need in life.
  • EV Navigation: Providing electric vehicle owners with features such as charging station maps, remaining battery levels to the destination, current range, energy-saving route planning, and intelligent charging and swapping reminders, it addresses the concerns of electric vehicle owners and ensures effortless, convenient, and intelligent travel.
  • Hybrid Navigation: Customized development based on customer requirements, it offers diverse and flexible offline, online, and hybrid navigation solutions.

Currently, Neusoft's global navigation products have collaborated with over 50 renowned international automotive brands, covering more than 100 global navigation projects in over 120 countries. They provide one-stop services, including product definition, interaction design, ecosystem establishment, product research and development, on-road testing, project delivery, and after-sales support and maintenance on a global scale.

Capabilities and Advantages

  • An international team with a core presence in China, Germany, the United States, Japan, and Malaysia, providing global coverage
  • Integration with the globally connected car ecosystem, collaborating deeply with several superior mapping companies, and supporting multiple languages
  • Extensive experience in mass production worldwide, with product designs catering to local user habits and preferences
  • Top certifications in both software and automotive industries, along with well-established development and project management processes
  • A 24/7 emergency contact system, ensuring a rapid response capability and mechanism within 24 hours
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