Data Middle Platform

Data Middle Platform

Neusoft’s Data Middle Platform creates a data-driven management system. Driven by data operations, it formulates strategies, guides innovation, and becomes the core engine for organizational digital transformation. The platform provides integrated data integration capabilities, data standardization processing capabilities, data analysis, and data openness capabilities. It continuously transforms data into assets, effectively enhancing the efficiency of data utilization and business value.

Product composition

Application scenarios


Financial institution log analysis - Online banking payments

Centralized storage and analysis of multiple business system logs is achieved. In the event of a malfunction, quick localization and timely troubleshooting are possible.

Cross-platform data collaboration
-Construction of government administration one-stop services

The platform empowers various government departments to achieve single data entry and simultaneous storage across multiple systems, significantly enhancing the efficiency of business handling.

Multi-level data integration - National legal entity database

The platform governs existing customer data assets, improves organizational data quality, and facilitates real-time sharing and openness of data assets.

Education data integration

The platform centrally integrates and governs data from various levels of educational departments, establishing a unified data center for internal analysis and external sharing.

Regional medical data sharing

The platform centrally integrates and governs data from different medical institutions, establishing a unified data center to prevent duplicate examinations and expedite diagnosis efficiency.

Integration of logistics company data resources

The platform optimizes and integrates data information from every link of the logistics platform, empowering logistics companies to make accurate business decisions and achieve more efficient operations and distribution.

Core competencies

Full lifecycle data management

One-stop data management platform

Breaking data barriers,
promoting data integration

Establishing trustworthy data assets

Data asset value analysis

Unified data resource service marketplace

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