Electronic Horizon Provider (EHP)

Electronic Horizon Provider (EHP) is a product based on the ADASIS communication protocol and provides vehicles with beyond-line-of-sight road traffic information from map data. For example, information about roads (e.g., curvature, slope) and lanes (e.g., lane line shape, lane attributes) that may extend beyond the range of the vehicle's sensors. EHP keeps vehicles informed of the road conditions ahead and provides support for driver assistance functions.

Capabilities and Advantages

  • Electronic Horizon Provider (EHP) provides tailored solutions for both standard definition (SD) maps and high definition (HD) maps.
  • As a member of the ADASIS Association, Neusoft serves several major automakers, granting it experience in mass production.
  • With over two decades of cooperation with global mainstream mapping companies, it supports the compilation of maps in global standard formats, covering map data all over the world.
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