Ubione Disinfection Robot

The Ubione Disinfection Robot, with robots as carriers, is a self-moving and multi-point autonomous disinfection system.
The disinfection robot utilizes two methods: atomized disinfection and UV disinfection.
The atomized disinfection robot rapidly atomizes various disinfectants and automatically sprays a continuous and even mist of ultra-fine particles into the space, achieving 360° coverage of the area that requires disinfection, effectively purifying the air and environment.
The UV disinfection robot is suitable for unmanned environments and uses top-quality UV quartz lamps for disinfection, ensuring higher efficiency and professionalism.

Product Features

Precise Disinfection

360° coverage without dead angles, killing rate > 99.99%

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

Scheduled tasks, automatically plans disinfection routes and avoids obstacles

Automatic Charging

Automatically returns to recharge when low on battery, hassle-free and without the need of manual supervision

Disinfection Records

Access to robot disinfection records through the app

Product Advantages

  • 360° coverage without dead angles, comprehensive disinfection of air and object surfaces
  • Disinfection of a 1000 m space in 15 minutes, efficient and continuous disinfection
  • Operation of 24 hours a day, with accessible work logs for supervision
  • Mobile app available to ensure separation between humans and machines, avoiding cross-infection

Application Scenarios

Transportation Sector

Applied in public areas such as subway stations, high-speed rail stations, airports, customs ports, etc.

Government and Enterprise Sector

Applied in public areas such as hospitals, banks, government service halls, schools, libraries, nursing homes, welfare homes, office buildings, etc.

Retail, Catering, and Logistics Sector

Applied in public areas such as logistics warehouses, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.

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