Provide 7/24 hours of automated functional testing service to help your enterprise with the massive repetitive and multi-terminal testing tasks in a short time, to improve testing efficiency and productivity, and to ensure the App’s reliability in functional regression, compatibility, and performance and other aspects.

Application scenarios

Cloud mobile phone management

Support workstation and cabinet deployments. Base on the cloud platform to enable users’ on-demand applications, remote control, and real-time monitoring on logs and all performance indicators of mobile phones. Offer smooth operating processes with the same effect as real devices.

Automated functional testing

Enable the browser-based online recording and replaying of testing scripts with detailed visual reports automatically generated. Support the modular reuse of scripts and the visual assembly of cases. Suitable for the existing manual testing teams as no additional programming skills are required.

Compatibility adaptation testing

Support such compatibility adaptation testing as the batch installation, startup, Monkey, traversal, and uninstallation of massive devices. Automatically summarize such performance indicators as time consumption, CPU, memory, traffic, frame rate, and power in the testing process by taking screenshots, making videos, and accessing logs for the follow-up problem analysis and positioning.

Application Advantages


Support custom configuration in identifying object types to enable higher recording accuracy of testing scripts. Automatically adapt coordinate points based on the screen size of the mobile phone used for practical replay to enable less dependence of scripts on the screen.


Automatically handle the page load waiting time during the test execution to enable less dependence of automated testing scripts on the complicated network environment of mobile devices with great disparities among the speeds of Wifi, 4G, 3G, and 2G.


Use the browser-based online script recording and replaying function to enable the easy sharing of testing scripts and reports among teams. Empower the browser-based remote control on nonlocal mobile phones among cross-regional teams to raise the reuse ratio of testing equipment.

Automated Manual Integration

Enable integrated management on testing equipment, tasks, and cases and support script-based automated exploratory manual testing, with screenshots, logs, and performance data automatically collected during manual testing. Automatically generate a visual test report after the testing.

Application Functions

Online Script Recording and Replaying

Support the browser-based online recording and replaying of testing scripts, with a convenient recording process, accurate recording results, and highly stable replaying effects. Enable the easy sharing of testing scripts and reports among teams without complicated local installation configurations.

Parameterized Testing Data

Support the parameterized separation between testing data and testing scripts to enable less coupling and higher stability of testing scripts. Support static/dynamic assignment, classification, grouping and other features.

Flexible Checkpoint Settings

Support checkpoint settings based on page objects, databases, custom code, and other means.

Management on Modular Use cases

Support the test case management through modularized testing steps, cases, and scenarios. Enable a higher script reuse rate through the flexible assembly of testing cases.

Visual Test Report

Automatically collect the mobile phone information like manufacturer, model, screen, operating system during the test execution. Realize the multi-dimensional statistical analysis on the executive results of test cases, with automatically generated visual reports that include screenshots, time consumption, CPU/memory and other performance indicators.


China Mobile Online

Use the cloud testing platform to meet the testing requirements of the frequently updated functions, raise test efficiency, and fully utilize test resources.

China Construction Bank

Help the Bank update its core APP service testing on the CCB Intelligent Mobile Application Testing Cloud Platform into automated testing that covers mainstream models in the market, captures performance data, and facilitates CCB’s agile system release.

China Life Property & Casualty Insurance

Create a set of standardized usage specifications and workflow for the company's automated testing platform which has fully covered the underwriting system and the receipt and payment system and effectively supported the testing activities of the new core system.

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