Provide AI tools and data sets through the cloud pattern to enable continuous building, optimization, and accumulation of high-quality sample data and cognitive models for the creation of a collaborative and innovative platform for medical specialists and AI technological professionals.

Application Scenarios

Support cutting-edge data-driven medical researches in medical research institutions

Provide methodologies and tools based on AI and Big Data for the academic researches in medical colleges and research hospitals to support their efficient and high-quality production of academic research results.

Support knowledge mining and medical transformation

Integrate medical knowledge and data to seek the best medical solutions, to provide doctors with an intelligent medical treatment service platform for their creation of the best medical solutions, and to promote the application of medical research results into industrial production.

Supporting digital medical teaching

Support medical colleges in developing the curriculum system and academic direction of integrated digital technology and medicine and in becoming platforms for educational development and talent training.

Speed up application of medical AI industry

Promote the cooperation between medical institutions and between medical institutions and technological industrial enterprises .

Why CareVault?

Technical Characteristics

High-quality sample data and knowledge bases

Systematically organize medical Big Data to form an effective medical health knowledge service system.

Cognitive model services

Rely on natural language understanding, AI and other technologies to enable cognitive services in the healthcare sector.

Big Data science platform

Adopt the methods of machine learning and deep learning to effectively analyze data and to create domain intelligent models.

Big Data cloud computing architecture

Rely on the mature Big Data and computing architecture to enable a complete data security system and high-performance data and computing services.

Technical Advantages

Rich business experience in healthcare sector

Rely on our strong business experience, solid medical service R&D technology, and close cooperation with our medical partners to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions ranging from hardware to software and covering medical imaging equipment, digital hospital solutions, regional medical treatment, personal health services and other fields.

Excellent Big Data and AI technologies

Boast over 8 years of practical and technological experience in big data to have operated nearly one hundred big data projects serving the national economy and people’s livelihood and expanded the trillion-level B2B market. Possess four major self-developed product lines, a dozen of Big Data analysis software products, high-end talents distributed in Shenyang, Dalian, Shanghai and Silicon Valley in the US , and the whole-process product systems for marketing, consulting, R&D, and services.

Extensive and intensive alliance cooperation

Form cooperative research organization s based on alliance cooperation with technology R&D teams , organizations of the intelligent medical service industry alliance, hospitals, medical colleges, medical services and medical scientific research institutions to develop the AI and Big Data technologies targeted for healthcare and to conduct extensive and intensive cooperation in the services of data, businesses, and platforms.

Our Clients

China Medical University, First Affiliated Hospital of Jilin University, Liaoning Cancer Hospital, Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University

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