Human Capital Management

Neusoft TalentBase strategic human capital management system is a Chinese-based all-round talent management solution targeted for global large-scale and medium-sized enterprises with complicated employment relationships and structural organizations under the mode of collaborative business. It includes the five major segments of talent supply chains, core human resources, high-performance organizations, employee relations, and employee development, as well as 32 business modules and over 600 functional components including employee self-help, manager self-help, recruitment management, and mobile applications. The system also offers multiple lightweight products. It covers not only the characteristic Chinese-style thinking in cadre management, party affairs management, and talent building, but also the brand new options deeply integrated into the application scenarios of AI, data analysis, and the Internet, like intelligent robots, data management, WeChat applets for pre-employment, and human resource sharing service platforms. Through the topics such as the borderless organizations and super posts in the tendency of human capital management, the human-centered management, the more service-oriented performance and feedback, and the transformation and upgrading within human resources organizations, the TalentBase strategic human capital management system enables user to experience brand new human capital management with equal weight on vitality and control, and on data visualization and service split.

TalentBase Insight

Offer clients the wisdom collected from 120 managers in China’s large-scale equipment producers, automobile manufacturers, and financial institutions through richer and easier-to-understand charts and organizations; create the profiles of employees and collectivized organizations with the 40 data labels on employee information; provide AI data forecasting models based on turnovers, recruitment cycles, and data.

TalentBase Data Management

Offer unified, reliable, and comprehensive data quality assessment models based on researches in data quality and years of experience. Provide data management products unrelated or lightly related to business with the first batch of fourteen management rules to secure the accurate, consistent, integral, unique, and standard data. Allow users to manage data through simple configuration with no secondary development or transformation and no limitations to a specific system and to enjoy the value of better-quality data.

TalentBase Mobile

Rely on simple operation and interaction to realize punching in, employee care and other key functions suitable for the mobile terminal auxiliary services which give play to both mobility and sociability. Allow employees on the PC-side to fully extend their capacities through self services and to be prepared to interact with the wider data on the Internet at any time. Cover various service areas like employee information, team management, team performance, time management, bonuses and salaries, and approval to enable one-stop office from desktop terminals to mobile ones.

TalentBase Performance

Apply to both lightweight performance management in normal companies and all complicated performance scenarios in collectivized enterprises. Systemize, standardize, integrate, and electronize the reform plans of performance management businesses to enable normative and regular performance management behaviors among managers at all levels and massive employees within a whole group company and to rapidly raise companies’ maturity levels in performance management process. Rely on safe and reliable automated workflow drivers to minimize the time that human resources departments or performance management organizers spend in performance coordination, tracking, and recording, to ensure less errors and difficulties in performance management, and to facilitate the quantitative performance management.

TalentBase Robot

Apply to the scenarios like queries on enterprise policies and contacts and FAQ. Enable automatic matching with knowledge bases so that customer service staff can be automatically prompted with answers when serving users. Support auto reply with rapid responses to solve 80% of common problems. 24 hours on duty to serve each customer. Build knowledge graphs with which users just need to maintain similar questions and synonyms for once.

TalentBase Survey

Offer engagement and satisfaction surveys, recruitment and business examinations, voting for excellent teams and many other functions to enable enterprises to fully collect employees’ opinions for decision making and to highly value employees.

Facilitate your completion of specific surveys at the lowest cost; make your surveys more professional, more efficient, more secure, simpler, and more timely, with greater data value; help you clearly understand employees’ opinions and efficiently manage your business towards healthy development.

TalentBase HCM SSC

Rely on Neusoft TalentBase strategic human capital management system, the intelligent Q&A system, the employee self-service system, the knowledge management system, and the mobile system as well as the all-in-one interaction system and the worksheet management system to fully match the division and organizational transformation of the three human resource pillars (COE, BP, SSC). Further enable the IT system to complete 80% of work for human resources organizations so that they can deal with the remaining 20% of work more wisely and creatively.

TalentBase Party

Offer Party organizations the standardized management on Party member admittance, the flexible and practical transfer of Party membership, the management on Party membership dues, the management on assessments, examinations, and investigations for party members, the report analysis, and other functions to enable the refined, information-based and intelligent party affairs management.

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