Cloud Infrastructure Solutions and Services

By focusing on a new generation of information infrastructure required by enterprises for the digital transformation, Neusoft provides full life cycle cloud infrastructure solutions and services, such as cloud strategy planning, cloud design, cloud building, cloud management platform (CMP), cloud management service (MSP), cloud operations (IaaS and PaaS), cloud-terminal integrated intelligent IoT platform, etc., to truly satisfy the requirements of clients for the flexibility, efficiency, intelligence and security of their IT systems during the digital transformation. 

Business panorama  

Focus on a new generation of cloud infrastructure
Provide full life cycle solutions and services

Cloud strategy planning

The scientific cloud strategy planning is the key for successful digital transformation. An overall strategy of cloud computing and a development road map shall be developed together with the client by analyzing the factors affecting the business development of clients, sufficiently comprehending the value of cloud computing in promoting the business development and considering the current conditions of the client’s business and IT system. 

For the cloud strategy planning, it is necessary to take into consideration three dimensions, i.e. increase of business value, evolution of technical architecture and upgrade of management mode. Firstly, it is required to carry out the demand analysis and status-quo evaluation. Moreover, it is important to develop an overall plan and a technical architecture in combination with the development trend of cloud computing technologies and the business requirements, and then prepare a practical implementation plan for the client so as to ensure the smooth implementation of the overall plan of the cloud strategy.  

Cloud design

On the basis of cloud strategy planning, we provide comprehensive cloud platform design services for the clients. The services include: the design of cloud data center, private cloud architecture, public cloud application architecture, IoT platform architecture, big data platform architecture, service platform architecture, cloud security architecture, multi-cloud management architecture, business continuity assurance plan, etc. 

IT asset operation services

IT asset leasing / private cloud operation

The “on-demand supply”, a featured service enabled by private cloud operation, can be customized. Through means such as plan customization and strategy planning, we ensure low budget, superior routing and efficient implementation, to satisfy the clients’ IT system requirements for their core businesses like production, manufacturing, logistics tracking, supply chain management, and e-commerce.

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IDC data center service leasing

  • Neusoft Hekou Park Data Center
  • Shenyang Data Center

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Integrated smart O&M services (AIOps Toolkit based) 

Integrated intelligent O&M services (AIOps Toolkit based)

This is to provide clients with all-around intelligent O&M services for their private cloud underlying and traditional IT facilities, mainly based on the AIOps toolkit, and aiming to assist clients’ digital transformation. The services cover specialized services such as software and hardware MA, system maintenance and integration, computer room relocation, security service, etc., and support consultations, planning, relocation, O&M and optimization of underlying network hardware, virtualization, storage, server, middleware and databases.

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Cloud management services  

Cloud management services mainly include cloud infrastructure O&M services provided to clients on the cloud. Since a cloud computing architecture is quite different from a traditional architecture, high-level requirements are imposed on O&M personnel, tools and procedures, a specialized cloud O&M management platform is generally required to realize more intelligent O&M services through automation and coding, and O&M personnel are required to be highly competent in cloud computing and good at associating with cloud manufacturers.  

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Cloud building and migration 

In terms of cloud building and migration services, Neusoft can provide customized private cloud plans for the clients through Neusoft’s private cloud platform or a private cloud platform of a mainstream cloud manufacturer, e.g. Ali Yun, Huawei Cloud, etc. With hybrid cloud platform management software, we also provides the planning and building for hybrid cloud platform.

Scope of service: Migration of current businesses from physical machines and virtual private and public cloud platforms to public or private cloud platforms, and intelligent cloud O&M and management for the clients.

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Application O&M services 

The application O&M services include a series of specialized services provided based on the current conditions of enterprises, such as planning and design of application O&M systems, development of corresponding service standard, optimization of existing business procedures, increase of system availability, decrease of reoccurrence of the same problems, etc. In the meantime, we will help clients to build a knowledge base system and introduce pertinent intelligent O&M tools, aiming to realize a 99.9% or higher service satisfaction rate. In this way, the overall O&M cost of the clients will be greatly reduced. 

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Data center O&M services 

This is to provide overall O&M services for clients’ owned/rented data centers. Including:

  • Power system O&M of data center: operation and maintenance of power distribution, UPS, HVAC and other equipment and systems equipped in the data center;
  • Integrated IT O&M of data center: O&M technical services for network, systems, databases, storages, clouds, virtualization and applications in data centers, and data center users-oriented services;

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Cloud data center integration services 

To build high-quality data centers, improve the stability, security and reliability of the clients’ IT infrastructures, and accelerate their digital transformation through specialized integration services

With the aim of providing secure, controllable, efficient, convenient, open, stable and energy efficient high-quality integration plans based on Neusoft’s solution experiences in the industry and independently developed software products and by integrating the IT consulting, project management, engineering implementation and technological innovation capabilities of Neusoft, to provide information technology centered cloud center central machine room building services for governments of various levels, hospitals, enterprises, public institutions, industrial parks, commercial complexes, etc.   

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Data center O&M management platform

The integrated O&M platform of data center is a unified management platform that provides intelligent, all-around and centralized monitoring of dynamic data machine rooms, to assist the machine room administrator in the easy integration of various dynamic resources in the room, the comprehensive improvement of the manageability, flexibility and reliability of IT infrastructures and business systems, and the effective reduction of the O&M and management costs.  

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Neusoft 5G intelligent hospital information platform system

Being the core of the medical and health care system, hospital concerns the health and even the life safety of the public they served, and therefore hospital infrastructures must be featured in all-day-long operation, a high level of reliability and a high level of maintainability. In addition, hospital buildings need to operate under very strictly controlled environment conditions. For example, the operative room shall be maintained at a temperature of 22 - 25℃, a relative humidity of 45%RH - 60%RH and a positive pressure; a negative pressure shall be maintained in isolation wards to prevent cross infections. Besides, as a place where people are highly concentrated and incidents are likely to happen, the emergency treatment of various kinds of incidents necessitates the support of an efficient information system. Moreover, as a complicated public building, hospital should implement modern and information technology-supported management concepts and measures.

Neusoft’s intelligent hospital unified information platform may serve as the “nerve center” of a modern intelligent hospital as it allows to integrate different subsystems of the hospital through centralized management and distributed control and realize mutual perception between building and people through mobile internet-based intelligent applications. This platform can make the hospital more intelligent, secure, comfortable, efficient and green and endow new connotations for hospital buildings.

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Intelligent Electric Power Business

Neusoft provides an intelligent platform integrating multiple business operation activities for power consumers and power supplying enterprises, including monitoring of distribution equipment, operation and maintenance management of electric power, full life cycle management of assets, safety protection, etc.

The platform links the terminal equipment of power consumers and power generation enterprises through the Internet of Things to realize the interconnection of intelligent information. By following the requirements of the Baseline for Classified Protection of Cybersecurity 2.0 of China, the platform can ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, thus improving the security level and O&M quality of equipment and reducing the O&M cost.

The intelligent power system sufficiently applies modern information technologies and advanced communication technologies such as big data, cloud computing, IoT, mobile internet, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. to realize the interconnection and man-machine interaction at all links of the power system, achieve the objectives of “one data source, one grip map and one business flow”, and extensively connect the internal/external and upstream/downstream resources and demands, thus building an energy internet ecosphere adaptive to the state of the society, creating an ecosystem of the industry and cultivating emerging types of business.

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Cloud data warehouse - Neusoft Select MPP Data Warehouse

Neusoft Select Data Warehouse (Neusoft Select for short) is a distributed database based on the MPP architecture and applicable to primitive cloud environment. It is developed by a Neusoft expert team using the Pivotal Greenplum open source platform, to which, Neusoft owns the proprietary intellectual property rights. It can assist enterprises in the management and parallel processing of massive data, laying a solid data base for the flexible extension of IT architectures.

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Public cloud resale service 

This is to offer commission procurement of a cloud resource to clients. Specifically, Neusoft will procure a cloud resource from a cloud manufacturer and own the cloud account, and the client may use the resource while paying a fee to Neusoft. The advantages of this mode are as follows: 1. Simplifying overseas cloud procurement procedure of clients for overseas businesses; 2. Reduced total cost of cloud resources; 3. Legal risks evaded; 4. Better technical supports available.

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