Cloud Management Platforms and Services

Focusing on essential new-generation information infrastructure for the company’s digital transformation, we offer full lifecycle services including cloud strategy planning, cloud design, cloud construction, cloud management platforms (CMP) and cloud managed service provider (MSP) and cloud operations. These will provide you with a flexible, efficient, intelligent and secure IT system during this digital transformation age.

Service Overview

Cloud Strategy Planning

Cloud adoption based on a strategic planning lays the foundations for a successful digital transformation. In helping you prepare the plan for cloud strategy, we analyze the factors that impact your business, to fully identify the value of cloud computing in driving your business development. For this, we consider your business operations, IT system and current status, and work together with you to formulate the overall cloud computing strategy and development roadmap.

When we conduct requirements analysis and system status assessment for you, in our cloud strategy planning service we follow these three rules: business value improvement, software architecture evolution, and business model upgrading. We formulate overall planning and technical architecture based on technology trends for cloud computing and your own business needs. Then, feasible and effective implementation action schemes will follow, to ensure smooth progress of the overall planning for your cloud strategy.

Cloud Design

Based on cloud strategy planning, we provide you with comprehensive cloud platform design services, including cloud datacenter design, private cloud architecture design, public cloud applications, IoT platforms, Big Data platforms, service platforms, cloud security, and multicloud management, as well as the design of business continuity program.

Cloud Construction

With this cloud construction service we aim to provide governance processes at all levels, from hospitals, enterprises, to public institutions, industrial parks, commercial complexes and other clients, with an IT-centered system integration, as well as iBMS+ services, intelligent project implementation, software development, operation and maintenance services. All the professional solutions are delivered with a one-stop services approach throughout the whole lifecycle of their information-based projects. With years of experience in custom industry solutions and own software products, we have put together in one place all our capacity for IT consulting, project management and implementation, and technology innovation to provide high-quality integration solutions which feature security, controllability, efficiency, convenience, openness, stability, and energy conservation.

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Cloud Management Platforms

In the era of “cloud-pipe-device-edge” integration, Neusoft offers integrated “cloud-to-device” management platforms. Our cloud management platforms enable the integrated management of cloud datacenters, private clouds, public clouds and IoT devices. Our cloud asset management platforms and maintenance and operations process management platforms allow the standardized full lifecycle management of cloud data centers and IoT devices. The big data analysis and AI model provided by our core platforms of intelligent operations and maintenance enable such functions as automated operation and maintenance and intelligent energy consumption management.

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Cloud Managed Services

IT Systems Maintenance Service

We provide advanced IT systems maintenance services to our clients in accordance with our vision and mission. Our vision is to support our clients’ information systems and also bring greater business value to them. Our mission is to become a valuable technology partner for our clients on their journey to digital transformation. We offer services such as consulting, planning, integrated implementation, overall operations, assessment and optimization of IT infrastructure for our clients’ businesses. We can also perform third-party software and hardware maintenance, equipment room relocation and data migration, disaster recovery planning, implementation and drills. Our clients operate in but are not limited to the following industries: government departments, operators, financial institutions, manufacturers.

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IT Application Maintenance Services

Based on advanced automated operation tools and excellent industry practices, we offer a one-stop application support and maintenance service. Our main goal is to improve the high availability of our clients’ IT systems and therefore guarantee their business continuity to help them maximize the value of their IT assets. We have high expertise of over two decades in application maintenance and support in industries such as telecommunication, manufacturing, finance and automotive, with a portfolio of 100+ clients.

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Public/Hybrid Cloud MSP Services

Our extensive experience in complete solutions for clients in industries like connected vehicles, healthcare, government, finance, insurance etc. as well as our strong R&D service capabilities and management service technology enable us to offer a one-stop full-lifecycle public/hybrid cloud service. This service covers cloud consulting, cloud design, cloud implementation, cloud migration, cloud management, cloud operations, cloud security and cloud optimization and 24/7 public/hybrid cloud MSP.

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CloudGuard – IT System Remote Monitoring and Maintenance Solution

We rely on our powerful data collection platform, on our process and monitoring operations platform and on our service management platform to provide 24/7 small and medium sized datacentre and edge computing rooms monitoring. This unified and automated security solution includes monitoring the infrastructure and IT devices from the equipment rooms as well as online control, asset management, failure analysis and processing, optimization and rectification, professional maintenance and other services. We can help you prevent, find and address any threats such as software and hardware failure in equipment rooms and we can considerably improve the availability and security of your IT systems.

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Private Cloud Operation Services

Neusoft Group has international industry standards including ISO20000 and ISO27001. Based on our best practices, we developed a professional, efficient and synergetic operations team which can rapidly respond to any issue your business might be facing. This team provides flexible and secure full-lifecycle private cloud operation services to facilitate your business operations.

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Digital Marketing Services

You can rely on our experienced operations team to provide your business with tailored on-demand solutions for digital transformation and upscaling. Our expertise includes digital marketing services on platforms like WeChat, Weibo, TikTok or for enterprise appplication products, e-commerce solutions, etc.

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Cloud Data Warehouse

Neusoft Data Warehouse

Our team of experts developed a cloud-native distributed database based on the MPP architecture and on the open source platform Pivotal Greenplum, and this database benefits from intellectual property rights. This database enables your business to manage, control and at the same time process massive data, while also guaranteeing a solid and reliable foundation for the expansion of your IT architecture.

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