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Neusoft works with the core goal of exerting our excellent software engineering capabilities to help your company refine product innovation and customer experiences and to enhance your product competitiveness. With 30 years of experience in serving many world-leading clients, Neusoft boasts the rapid, mature and large-scale delivery capabilities to provide promised high-quality services for clients in such industries as circulation, finance, transportation, public utilities, automation, media, and embedded business.

With the focus on client value and the trust and support from clients, we have gradually created an international business development pattern of specialized organizational labor division plus team-oriented independent operation. Basing on multi-industry insight and nearly 30 years of rich delivery experience, we aim to accelerate your product and service innovation and offer you continuously consolidated professional software services to integrate our products into your IT ecosystems, to empower your digital transformation, and to facilitate your business growth.

Specific Sectors

Provide secure, reliable, high-quality and scalable industrial solutions for clients from such sectors as circulation, finance, transportation, public utilities, automation, media, and embedded business.

  • Backbone system of department stores
  • Sales management system
  • Logistics management system
  • PLM/PDM system
  • Production management system
  • Personnel/salary management system
  • Customer relationship management system
  • Elevator control and monitoring system
  • Manufacturing execution system

Business management systems for:

  • Securities
  • Insurances
  • Banking, ATM, and credit cards
  • Rail transportation operations management system
  • Railway power management system
  • Attendant management system
  • Transportation equipment management system
  • Advertising business management system
  • Postal business management system
  • Aviation business management system
  • Medical management system
  • Water supply and sewage management system
  • Street lighting management system
  • Power management system
  • Gas management system

Software development for:

  • Smart TVs
  • Multimedia terminals (Android/IOS/WINDOWS)
  • Bmode ultrasonic software
  • Constriction of bases and operation systems

Major Tools

  • Test result comparison tool
  • Test data import tool
  • SQL generation tool
  • Class automatic generation tool
  • Automatic product delivery tool
  • Migration tool
  • Step count tool
  • File count tool
  • CI tool: R2Build
  • SQL statement generation tool for VIEW
  • WEB Developer Suite
  • Practical Intouch debugging tool
  • C #-based simple ORMapping tool, etc.

Our Advantages

  • Nearly 30 years of experience in outsourcing services, 62 long-term and stable partners, high-quality and efficient development capability and excellent delivery capability that have won the trust from clients, and good brand image and international competitiveness
  • Japanese outsourcing services covering Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyushu, Hokkaido and other regions, with a broad client base and rich industry experience
  • Available services ranging from upstream software design to development testing, with more than 75% of upstream design and excellent project sponsor capability
  • Various efficiency-improving tools such as system migration, automatic class generation, and Web Developer Suite for independent R&D
  • CMMI L5 and PCMM L5 certification
  • ISO IEC27001 certification
  • Internal knowledge management portal website
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