Neusoft offers one-stop data intergration solutions with high performance and reliability, enabling efficient data asset management systems, value exploration of data assets, accelerating digital transformation through the capacities to collect, fuse, govern, share, and analyze cross-domain data.

Application scenarios

Data exchange and sharing
  • Enable rapid data supply by removing data islands and connecting the data link between the upstream production and the downstream consumption
  • Offer streamlined and optimized data application processes by integrating the self-service application, approval, processing, acquisition, and consumption of data assets
Data asset governance
  • Provide solutions for implementing and managing data standards and application specifications
  • Generate a unified data asset catalog to enable easy control on data sources and high-quality data assurance for the follow-up business analysis and in-depth application
Data analysis and decision-making
  • Rely on the massive data accumulated during the production and operation processes to help you understand the whole operation and production progress, so that you can analyze the quality of finished products, lower the defective rate, and raise the customer satisfaction of your business
Industrial data middle platform
  • Enable the circular closed-loop chain of the production, processing, governance, analysis, consumption and evaluation of data and the faster transformation of data into value
  • Enable the data-based intelligent business handling and quicker business responses for your enterprise
  • Enable the orderliness of disordered data, the transformation from system-oriented operations to service-oriented ones, and the full release of data value

Application Advantages

Complete product portfolio

Meet various demands like the collection, fusion, governance, opening, sharing, and analysis of data, and asset management and control involved in data middle platform projects to enable multi-scenario business applications

Excellent processing performance

Rely on the excellent data processing performance and extraordinary system stability to support multiple national data projects, including the National Corporate Basic Information Database and the National Population Basic Information Database, with the average data handling capacity for a single project exceeding 1 billion.

Extensive industry applications

Widely applied in dozens of domestic industries, including e-government, education, healthcare, enterprises, finance, telecommunications, and aviation, with over two decades of experience accumulation and technological development.

Application Functions

Agile function expansion

Provide complete external function expansion interfaces so that you can expand functions based on business characteristics and meet the needs in different business scenarios

Flexible system integration

Offer various external API integration interfaces covering all major processing functions like monitoring operations and configuration scheduling to enable the flexible and quick integration with your existing systems

Rapid product deployment

Compatible with all mainstream operating systems; pre-installed with such software as JRE, the application server, and the supporting database. So, you can directly use it after decompressing, without installation of any other software


National Corporate Basic Information Database

Assist the former State Administration for Industry and Commerce in collecting basic information of enterprises nationwide and constructing the theme database. Collect over 1 billion pieces of national corporate data in total, synchronize more than 3400 national corporate data sheets in all, and process 20 million plus pieces of incremental data daily.

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