Performance acts as an important indicator to measure the quality of an IT system. During the running processes of an IT system, a light performance problem can cause slow operations and user complaints, and a serious one can cause a system crash and operation halt. That will directly affect an enterprise’s normal production and operation and bring incalculable economic losses. Therefore, how to build an IT system that supports high-load operations, provides efficient business processing, timely responds to user requests, and reasonably occupies system resources becomes the key priority during an enterprise’s digital transformation process.

Neusoft Performance Engineering Services can help your company discover, control, manage and eliminate potential system performance problems as early as possible at all stages of your system construction. Thus, you company or organization can fully exert the productivity of the existing equipment with the improved work efficiency and end user satisfaction and the continuously promoted expansion of business scale.

Service Contents

Provide multilayer, all-around, rapid, accurate and effective performance planning, evaluation, optimization and management services for your core business system through our expert team boasting technological capabilities in network, storage, servers, operating systems, middleware, databases, codes and other sectors with years of experience in performance assurance for core business systems of all domains.

Performance Planning

A process of technological decision-making during the system design stage. Consider the existing and future business design levels, resource consumption, and staff sizes, as well as historical experience and business characteristics and use mathematical formulas to help you plan the software and hardware resources and technology routes to be needed by your IT system under a certain future development trend.

Performance Evaluation

A process where a series of procedures, means, and methods are used to get the system performance data under certain hardware and software configurations and parameter settings in a stimulated business scenario with concurrent access pressure exerted to the system to be tested. Enable the early detection of the deeply hidden bugs exposed only after long-term continuous operations yet affecting system performance and even causing a crash, with warnings given to the system construction unit.

Performance Optimization

A process of analyzing, diagnosing and solving the performance problems detected after system performance evaluation and locating and optimizing the bottlenecks of such modules as have failed to meet performance requirements. A system with optimized performance enables less risk of performance inadequacy and system crash and thus ensures normal system operations and controllable operating costs.

Performance Management

Provide continuous performance guarantees for your production system and performance testing for your IT system. Especially, carry out trend analysis on such system performance data as load capacity, concurrency capacity, response speed, throughput capacity, reliability, and resource utilization efficiency for a thorough understanding of these indicators. In case of business expansion, the data analysis results serve as a basis on which appropriate increases in the configuration plan can be proposed to enhance resource utilization efficiency; these analysis results can also provide a quantitative basis for business decision-making.


Performance expert team

Own an expert team with over two decade’s continuous dedication to performance technical support and with solid technological capabilities in multiple knowledge areas related to enterprise software and hardware. Enable interdisciplinary insights into the root causes of performance inadequacy and system crashes.

Multi-industry knowledge base

Possess a knowledge base of performance solutions accumulated based on over 200 technical support and service projects for such sectors as telecommunications, finance, government, healthcare, transportation, education, and Internet. Enable the rapid and accurate problem finding and solving.

Nationally recognized qualification

Hold the software evaluation qualification granted by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), with the organizational, institutional, procedural and technical guarantees for the objective, accurate, scientific, complete, and credible test results.


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