Digital Household Products

In terms of digital household products, Neusoft can provide various product engineering solutions and related services, including product architecture, design, embedded software development, testing, maintenance, and product support.

With nearly two decades of development experience, Neusoft serves or cooperates with many world-leading clients, providing them with differentiated solutions including system customization and operator certification and testing. Neusoft supports such mainstream platforms as Android, Linux, Windows, and other Free RTOS systems and possesses the ability to implement board-level development for multiple mainstream chips like Qualcomm, TI, Intel, and MTK.

Digital Camera (DC)

  • Software development and integration
  • Image quality assessment
  • 3A and IQ tuning
  • Algorithm optimization
  • 3D technology and optimization

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Smart TV

  • Android TV/Google TV
  • TV Stack/TV Application
  • Internet Streaming Application
  • App Store Model
  • DLNA Stack
  • Linkage with Mobile Terminals

BD/DVD Player

  • Recording/transcription
  • Playing
  • Editing
  • Network functions
  • Settings
  • Linkage with mobile terminals
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