Classic 32” Multifunctional All-in-One Machine (NEU-C02)

Categories Modules

Main Control Module
32" Touch Display Module
Proximity Sensing Module
Printing Module
Power Module


Facial Recognition Module
Voice Interaction Module
ID Card Module
Receipt Printing Module
Monitoring Module
Facial Payment Module
Medical Insurance Settlement Module
Card Reading Module
Password Keypad Module
Barcode Scanning Module

Working Environment

Rated Voltage: AC 220V
Current: 5A


1760 * 448.5 * 530mm (Height * Width * Thickness)

Standard Functions

  • Real-Name Registration
  • Same-day Registration
  • Appointment Registration
  • Outpatient Recharge
  • Outpatient Payment
  • Outpatient Refund
  • Medical Technology Appointment
  • Report Printing
  • Admission Registration
  • Inpatient Deposit
  • Daily Statement Query
  • Discharge Settlement
  • Information Inquiry
  • Cost Inquiry
  • Satisfaction Evaluation
  • Electronic Invoice Printing
  • Payment Methods: Code Scanning Payment, Face Recognition Payment, Bank Card, Mixed Payment with Medical Insurance (Physical Medical Insurance Card/Electronic Medical Insurance Voucher)

Corresponding Scenario Solutions

  • Smart Outpatient Solution
  • Smart Inpatient Solution

Product Advantages

  • Proactive Service
  • Voice and Motion Intelligent Interaction
  • Elderly Care
  • Whole-Process of Face Recognition Medical Treatment
  • One-click Quick Printing
  • Real-time Linkage with Mobile Hospital
  • Intelligent Monitoring and Early Warning
  • Compact size regardless of space limitations
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